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I am the single mother of a 5 yr old boy. With just a few weeks left in a 2 yr program...

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  1. kck605

    An NCLEX Story

    So I shouldn't give up then! :stone I took mine yesterday morning and I've been checking the state board site all day...I am beginning to think hope is gone...it makes me feel better that you are describing exactly how I feel and you passed.
  2. kck605

    12 months seems like forever!

    I don't start working until the second week of June. But I am going to look at it this way. It may seem long now, but it really isn't...one year isn't that long. If you just forget about going somewhere else and focus on what you are doing, it will go much faster. Just like nursing school...it was SOOO stressful, but if you focused instead of counting down days, it went a whole lot faster. It did for me anyway. Plus it will look better on your resume to have 1 whole year instead of a few months at one place. Hang in there!
  3. kck605

    How to organize your "brains"

    OHHH! I like that one! Thanks...
  4. kck605

    Failed Nclex RN 2nd time

    I give up...where can I find this "suzanne's plan" ? I take the NCLEX June 3rd. I want to know what else I should be doing to study! Thanks
  5. kck605

    Forgot how to be "normal"

    I'm in the same boat...extremely bored! I can read and study for the NCLEX. But I gradaute on Wednesday and part of me just wants to wait til after that!
  6. kck605

    Burning Of The Uniforms.....

    I love it! That had to have felt real good! LOL I actually thought about that myself. But a girl in our class collected them to donate to the incoming 1st yr students...to "pass on the misery". I actually kept a couple pairs of pants though cause I can still wear them. I graduate in 3 days! Can't wait!
  7. kck605

    Conflict with Another Student

    You should wait to see if she is in the class next fall. Then go to the dean of nursing (don't wait until she does something, that will just make the problem worse). Just let her know that you noticed this student was in the class and you wanted them to know that you have a contract with the dean or whatever stating that she is to not make contact with you or what have you. That way they are aware andyou haven't made a big deal about it. And maybe you won't have to worry about he showing up in a clinical group or something. Better safe than sorry.
  8. kck605


    I got to start iv's on folks in the pacu. the needles were huge and we gave them lidocaine first...which helped me focus on what I was doing...not the pain of the stick.
  9. Okay...for myself, I never read the text unless I don't understand something or the instructor specifically says to look at the text..which has been twice this semester. That's just extra info to confuse and try to remember too much. During lecture if the instructor says remember it,I star it, if they say it won't be on the test, I mark it out. I go over the powerpoint several times, then go back and write note cards. I don't make up questions or anything...just condense all the important points from the handouts onto cards. If there are several diseases, they all get their own cards so as not to confuse them. Sometimes there are lots of drugs and I have to give them their own cards. I highlight and underline the VERY important info. Once I have done this for every single power point...I go through the stack of cards over and over until I can't stand looking at them and I can recall all the information the second I lay eyes on the card. I usually don't even do this til the week of the test, cause writing helps me remember and it will be more fresh.
  10. kck605

    Gift for New Grad

    My Mom bought me a nice stethoscope. But if anyone asks me what I want...I am saying money. Cause I haven't been working while in school, so between my financial aid running out and my first paycheck...I'm going to be very broke. I would talk to her and find out what her burdens are going to be and get something that will take the stress off. OH, maybe a gift certificate to a spa or something.
  11. Go and tell the truth... 1. you don't have direct knowledge of her case, 2. from your point of view the instructor has been reasonable. She can't hold that against you in a future rotation. Also let your friend know that you feel for her situation but if she really did all that stuff plus some not mentioned...she did put patients at risk. It's a sucky situation, but she should move on.
  12. You know my schedule, so why do you call me EVERYDAY when I am in class or clinical...I'm busy! Sorry, but I can't take a break from studying to get drunk. I can't spend all day doing nothing at your house just because I don't happen to have class today.
  13. kck605

    Don't know if I can do this...

    YOU CAN DO THIS! I am a single mother of a 6 yr old boy. He only goes to his dad's on weekends, so needless to say he doesn't get a whole lot of attention at the moment. I feel bad sometimes, but I know that what I'm doing is for the best. One of the many reasons I went to nursing school is to be able to support the two of us and not have to constantly struggle. He will look back and know how hard I worked to make life a little easier for him.
  14. We all know that is practically impossible to have a life outside of nursing school. I just had my last unit test of my last semester. Now I actually find myself with free time. I don't need to study at today, my house is clean, my son is at his dad's house...what do I do with myself? I feel like I've forgotten what I like to do... does anybody else have this problem?
  15. kck605

    need help w/ head-to-toe assessment.....

    This is stupid, but I practiced on one of my sons very large stuffed animals over and over. And literally went head to toe. and like the others said, no skipping..it's hard to remember stuff that way...do it in the exact same order every time, even within the systems.
  16. kck605

    New grad and gaining weight?!?!

    In my last clinical rotation (thank goodness I'm finished with those), I had to switch to a bigger size on my scrub pants. I was just afraid I was going to bust the ones I had. This creates a dilemma now that I am about to start working. I have several scrubs in my old size and now only 4 in the bigger size. Basically, I'm going to be wearing the same four outfits until I lose weight or can afford to buy more...and the latter is more likely! LOL Although I have been trying to eat better..and there is a website that I've found that is wonderful! It's http://www.sparkpeople.com, check it out!