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  1. Hi. I'm thinking about going to Saudi Arabia. Actually I have a contract just haven't signed it yet.. Has anyone been there recently and would you be interested in sharing your experience. Thanks in advance for the info...

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  3. by   travis_lane
    I'm an American paramedic presently living/ working in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. I really like it here and it's not near as bad as what you'd expect! The benefits far out-weigh the bad!
    However, I absoutely do not reccommend using Helen Ziegler recruiter based out of Toronto. They caused me heaps of problems!
    If you have any questions about Saudi... I be happy to answer them or help put you in contact with nurses that I know who work here.

    Travis Lane
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  4. by   travis_lane
    **Update** Helen Ziegler Recruiter discovered my posts warning people of the horrible time that I personally experienced using their recruiting service (that's what these message boards are for)! If they would have done a good job, I would be happy to report the opposite!
    They contacted the recruiting liason here in Saudi Arabia. This woman here threatened me that if I didn't remove the posts... she would turn me in to the Saudis'. I asked, "what about freedom of speech over the world wide web"- She said "there is no such thing while I'm here in Saudi." I know better than to talk negatively about the Saudi culture while I'm living here in the Kingdom. Ironically, I really like it here! I was warning of the Canadian recruiter.
    I'm in big trouble now because of this! "HZ" is ruthless! Wish me luck... and I'll keep ya' all posted on what happens!
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  5. by   gemtat
    Dear Travis, I worked as a nurse at King Faisal for 16 years (until 1999). Like you, I enjoyed it. I went out with HCA but knew many who went with HZ. Have to admit, I did not hear horror stories about them THEN anyway. Are you at Fahad? I actually know of a nurse who later became (and still is) a recruiter with HZ. She seemed to be good so I assume it was not her who you had problems with. I think it is unforgivable that they would threaten your freedom of speech. I would sue them if they got you deported. I know how Saudi is obviously so it can be scary when you are there with not the rights you have here. I do not know if it is a great time for anyone with kids to be there just due to threats and chance of violence but anyone single and adventurous would probably like it. The salary you mentioned sounds about right but the bonus is NO TAXES and end of contract pay plus severance pay plus the free housing, some free air tickets, better vacation time etc. When I went in 1983 there was a great social life (hush-hush of course). It has decreased since those days but still can be fun from what my friends still there tell me. Sounds like you have an open mind and good attitude (many who go there don't and they complain constantly, don't they?) Good luck and stay safe.
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  6. by   travis_lane
    Hey gemtat!

    Everything's been cool here since I last posted. I haven't heard anything from HZ or their contact here so hopefully it's all over with! I've been laying-low and doing what I supposed to... looking forward to traveling in my spare time!

    And yeah... things can get kinda stressful when you have several different nationalities- trying to work together. I have good days and bad days here! Overall, I know that I'll have no problem completely my year here.... that's enough and I'll come home and hoepfully complain less in terms how messed up the American health care system is...

    To me... it's similar to my time I spent in the military... back then, I hated every minute of it! But looking back... I'm glad that I did it! But yeah.... it's cool over here! I geta kick outta the "weird" stuff here!
  7. by   gemtat
    Dear Travis, what hospital are you working for? I have friends in the RR at King Faisal in Riyadh and know a couple of nurses at King Fahd.
    Glad HZ is not bothering you. Many of us just went for a year but then stayed fo many many more! It can be a great lifestyle and get addicting! Especially the travel. I found that other Americans complained a lot (and Canadians!). I always wanted to say they could leave if they didn't like it! I found most of the Saudis to be really grateful and nice. The poorer ones especially. I am sure it is the same for you. Does anyone go to MacDonalds by the Al Azizia grocery store anymore? (I thought it might be thought of as a target for terrorism). Take care, gemtat
  8. by   travis_lane
    Hello again! And yes. I'm at Faisal! I'm afraid have have to run.. if you'd like for me to say hello to your friends here- you may contact me direct-
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  9. by   Geena
    I worked in Armed Forces Hospital in Khamis Mushayt in 1994-1995 and had a great time. Khamis is more rural and we had no hassles what so ever. Then again, times have changed and there may be travel restrictions in place which would limit your recreational activities... important as you will be spending a lot of time in the hospital!
    I have been following the recruitment agencies and have been surprised to see that the salaries have not really increased since I have been there. Tax free or not. I would not recommend anybody going there for the dollar. The cultural experience though, is unique.
  10. by   Ferret
    Hi All,

    Hey Gemtat, you mentioned people with kids in Saudi. I have been trying to find out about accompanied contracts in Saudi but keep coming up against "not possible for RN's", do you know of any loopholes or agencies that offer any different? Anyone????

    Thanks in advance.
  11. by   gemtat
    Dear Ferret,
    I was there with kids but only because my husband was also there and his company covered them. If you are an RN you could have an accompanied contract if you are a manager at most of the hospitals. Staff positions are always (as far as I have seen) single status. Some places might let you take family but you would have to rent a place yourself and it would not be worth going. The main advantages of Saudi is the no tax and free housing. Paying for your own housing, buying a car etc would eliminate the money advantage.
    Many couples who are BOTH RNs go and they do well as they can get family housing at some hospitals. I have to add that, although I was there for many years and even during the Gulf War, I would not live there with kids now. Too many security issues now. Try the UAE. Saudi is not a stable place right now. Not dangerous really but a lot of unknown and not a place I would risk my kids.
    Good luck.
  12. by   renerian
    I hope your okay your post scared the crap out of me. I do not think I could go there. God bless you for doing so. I love the states!

  13. by   Ferret
    Yeah, I've heard similar and given up on the idea. Thanks anyway, I'm glad you had fun over there.
  14. by   Love767
    How does Saudi or UAE pay compare with that of the United States? I think American citizens have to pay American taxes even if they live oversee's so that wouldn't be a big advantage. Also, how easy is it to commit a faux paus, or actual violation of the law due to "culture shock" and get yourself in trouble (we don't drink, smoke, or due drugs, but we do like pork barbecue!).