RPN/LPN in Greece?

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    I am a Canadian RPN and I was wondering if anyone knows if RPNs can work in Greece? I am not currently fluent in Greek but working towards it. My boyfriend has a Greek background and wants to move there in a few years but I'm reluctant to move anywhere that I may not be able to work in a nursing career. I also hear that nursing jobs are hard to come by there. Anyone able to help?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Have you kept up to date on news from Greece? The country is practically bankrupt. The civil service and police haven't been paid in full in months, pensions are being slashed or unpaid.

    You'd have to be fluent in written and spoken Greek. With the high level of unemployment there, they'd be hiring their own before an outsider.
  4. by   norlns24
    Yeah, it would pretty much be impossible to get a job there as a non-Greek imo, unless you were highly skilled in an area that is in demand and no other Greeks were available to fill jobs in the sector. I would not move to Greece unless I had a job offer ahead of time within the private sector. Young Greeks are leaving the country in droves to find work elsewhere. The Greek economy is really in shambles. I would also be concerned about your bf finding work, unless he has a sure thing lined up (his family owns their own business, etc.).
  5. by   loriangel14
    You would likely need a BSN in any case. I agree with the others. With the economy in shambles it wouldn't be a good prospect
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Also check that you can go with him and if you can can you work? As mentioned things are bad in Greece so make sure before you go that a) you can work and b) you and b/f get jobs lined up

    Also expect LPN will not meet nursing requirements. As far as I am aware all countries within EU are RN level
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  7. by   nikigrk

    I know its been 5 years, but just wondering if you ended up making the move to Greece?
    I am in the same position now, I am an RPN and my husband and I are moving to Greece in 4 years (or so).