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Is there anyone who can fill me in on RN jobs in France. I prefer the city hospiitals, I work in ICU currently. I have many years exp in Med Surg also. Would like to hear from someone. If you... Read More

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    Quote from aquphase
    Thanks for the information above it is very useful and helpful to know!

    I would really like to move to France with my partner in about 5 years time. My partner and I both work in mental health, he is a care assistant and I am training to be a nurse. I just wondered if anyone knows if there are a lot of psychiatric hospitals in France and how I would find out where they are and such like. Plus is the nursing the same as mentioned above for psychiatric hospitals or different? How different is the pay rates too? We both work on agencies full time in England at the moment which pays quite well, is it very different over there?
    There are lots of psychiatric hospitals. I lived near Limoges- there is Esquirol in Limoges and loads of smaller psychiatric hospitals in the smaller towns around. Pay is about 16,000 E a month but sometimes more- there is a ladder system. Usually people start with month long contracts then if they are approved of they may become stagiere which is kind of probation for a year, and then if that is ok they become titulaire which is a long contract. Your job is very safe then however it is also difficult to leave it if your place of work is short staffed... Good luck!
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    Hello. What are agency nurses called in France and do they work in a similar way to in the UK? Thankyou!
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    I have worked as an agency nurse for a year in Paris, basically there is 3 major agencies in Paris: Quick Medical Services, l'appel medical (Those 2 have jobs and agency almost every part of France) and JBM. They find you "missions" from short term (1 day) to several weeks. They can cancel you last minute (and they will not pay you) and they can call you whenever they need you. you can give them the day you want to work..I guess it is basically the same as England and US. The pay is slighly higher than hospitals (i would say around 1900euros a month) but you don't get pay for vacation.
    I was working with 2 of them to be sure to get a full schedule..and worked alost every day in a different unit and a different hospital!
    Hope it will be helpful, if you have any other question le me know!

    By the way I think there is a mistake in the previous post the pay is not 16000euros a month!! I would probably have stayed in France otherwise!!!but 1600euros...
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    Hello abhelle,
    kumusta. i read your posts and what can i say it is really hard to get a job as a nurse here in france. there are a lot of vacant positions but sad to say that for us filipino nurses the possibility are rather slim but good for you since you're married to a frenchman because the requirements according to the DDASS are 1. either married to a french national 2. or you are here as a refugie . I've made inquiries before but since I do not qualify with either requirements I am obliged to go to school here which is actually not a very good option for me. anyway just make good in your french studies although there is one filipina who made it as a nurse here. she was sent by her employer to a nursing school so she was able to work in a hospital. boone courage et a bientot!!!!
    Hi there arcenciel32...kidly email me or send mem message plz i want to communicate with you and ask more in details plzzzz
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    HI Fred,

    I have read every post on this thread, and I m still unsure of where I fit in. I am an American married to a frenchman. We are currently living in the states, but he wants to move home in about 5 years. I have my BSN in nursing and plan to get a Master's degree in nursing. I speak french rather fluently, but of course I have no knowledge of french medical terminology. Do you or anyone else have any advice/suggestions on what I can do to be licensed in France? I appreciate any help.

    Thanks so much!!!
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    I'm not sure if anyone would know, but do they normally grant working permits to foreigners who have completed their nursing studies in France? Or are hospitals unwilling to deal with the paper work even in light of the shortage?

    I read through the list of jobs that someone linked to and there was no mention of medical personnel (at least that I could find), so I was wondering if it would even be possible.

    Sorry if the answers are painfully obvious - and thanks for any help! =)
  7. by   canuck1
    Hello everyone,
    I'm looking to make a contact with anyone who has written an entrance exam in a French nursing school. I'm a Canadian nurse, recently relocated to South France and I'm in a process of preparing for exams which will be taking place from mid of March. I'm aware of the process, but interested in hearing about experiences of other foreign nurses living and working in France. Since I'm not a European national, I have to do at least 2 (or 1 year if I'm lucky) out of 3 years of nursing school here. Also, I have a quick question. Is ICU nursing here is a specialty (like pediatric, psychiatric, OR and anesthesia nursing?) and requires additional courses or is it "on the job training" process? I was an ICU nurse in Canada.
    Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  8. by   roe8
    Hi Canuck1

    I'm an American licensed nurse living in France and yes I have taken the written exam last Oct. Unfortunately I did not pass it. It was very difficult and I was only living in France for 8 months when I took it. Before moving here I didn't know any french so my chances was very slim, but I tried it anyway. None of the foreign nurses that took the exam with me passed. There were only 6 of us out of about 600 candidates; the rest were french citizens. In addition they only have room for 62 students. I spoke with the school director and she said this exam's purpose is to find out if we have mastered the french language. The grading system is very strict. They take off points for every mistakes including spelling, punctuation, etc. If you are fluent in french (written and orally), then you should have a chance to pass it. But note that even for those born in France has extreme difficulties with the IFSI entrance exams. Some even take preparatory courses. As for me I will try again once I've mastered the language.

    here are the 3 specialisations:

    - Puéricultrice
    - Infirmière anesthésiste (IADE)
    - Infirmière de bloc opératoire (IBODE)

    This info can be found at All that is about nursing in France is on this website. It even has practice questions for all the 3 exams you need to pass.

    Good luck!

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    Hi all,

    Are there any foreign nurses (outside the EU) in this thread who have suceeded in becoming a nurse in France or in getting their diploma equivalent in France? I can't seem to find any statistics about this. After reading so many disappointing informations, I'm becoming convinced that its near impossible.

    Thank you!! Any help or new info is appreciated.

  10. by   canuck1
    Hi Roe,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I have done some preparation for the exam and I speak and write French. I arrived in France in December, so I did not have as much time to prepare, but I did not have to start learning the language from the beginning like you did. It does not mean anything of course, and I know that the grading system is strict. Since you have had the experience of writing the test, I have a few more questions for you. I am under impression that foreign nurses fall under a different category and that we don't have to compete with the rest of French candidates. Do you know if you had the same questions on the exam as the rest of the candidates and did you have the same amount of time to write the test or less? I find it difficult to deal with French administration, because no one seems to have a clear answer. Several sources provide different info.
    I thought I would comment on your last posting also. I don't know personally another foreign nurse here, but when I spoke to the secretary in one of the schools here in Toulouse, she told me that last year they have taken one Canadian nurse and two from Eastern Europe. So it seems that, in fact, that it's possible for a foreign nurse to succeed here.
    Where about in France do you live? I'm in Toulouse. Do you enjoy life here and are you planning to settle permanently or this is just an adventure?

    Thank you again for you help. Looking forward to your answer.
  11. by   roe8
    Hi Canuck1,

    The exams for foreign nurses is different and shorter. We only have to take the "epreuve de culture générale" that lasts 1h30. It consists of 5 small texts with questions that we have to answer and elaborate on. Our questions are a bit more specific because they expect us to know more than the students who just got their bac. You should start reading about the french culture and the health statistics here. I actually knew each topic well and you probably know them as well. I did lack some vocabulary primarily medical jargon that I needed to express myself. Just be careful not to have any grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

    Yes we do not have to compete with the other candidates as supposedly they are open to accept 2% of foreigners. So in my case they could have only accepted 1-2 foreigners assuming that they have passed all 3 exams.

    There are a lot of ambivalent information here which makes it so frustrating. Even the school director didn't seem to be comfortable to provide me detailed information, or maybe she doesn't even know.

    Anyway I'm living in Paris and will be likely staying permanently.

    Hope this helps,

  12. by   canuck1
    Hi Roe,

    thank you very much for a quick response. It seems that I've got all the info regarding the test for foreign nurses right. I think I'm in the same boat as you are, because even though I speak French, I lack in medical terminology. But oh, well, I will try anyway.
    As I'm relatively new here, I don't have many contacts. I'm wondering if you are interested at all in keeping in touch.
    Passe un bon week-end et a bientot.

  13. by   roe8
    Dear Canuck1

    Sure we can keep in touch.

    Good luck!!