Moving to Spain need direction

  1. In the next year or so we will be moving to Spain. I am currently a LVN in California. Is there such a thing in Europe/Spain? I also wanted to know how i would go about becoming a RN in Spain ? or if it would be better if i got my RN in California and then moved ? Ive tried to do some searches but haven't come up with anything. any help would be greatly appreciated
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    If the rest of the EU is similar to the UK then LPN will not be acceptable. I would say better to get your RN done first. Also found some info on google but you need to be fluent in Spanish as the website is in Spanish. Also from what I can understand you have to register with the province. Not sure what sort of visa you may be going with but make sure you can work on it

    Organización Colegial de Enfermería this link is to the Spanish Nursing Association so may be a good starting point
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    Are you going with the military? There is a large USN base in Rota, Spain (only US military base of any size left in Spain). Might be able to get a job on base if you are nearby.