I want to be a Nurse in Germany too... but...

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    wie geht es ihnen?

    I am relatively new in Germany and I have two years of Clinical Nursing background before I came here. With my basic level of German, its really tough to work as a Nurse over here.

    I went to a Personaldiensleitung in DE, hoping to get interviewed and maybe introduced about the work situation,
    but instead this Frau doesn't seem to be happy about my language. She demanded that I speak German despite my level... For one hour, I had to fill in a Nursing skills questions in German, which I soooo understood in English, but couldn't write appropriately. I was crushed and unmotivated, and felt that my professionalism has been disrespected in the interview room with this Frau....
    (From then on, I really fear going to this Personaldiensleitung, which I doubt is a Nursing? agency that sends out Nurses to places.... and which i read, was paid only 8... )

    Still, I have the strong passion and just want something good to others. And I love to work in an Altenheim or just doing something, far away from the busy hospital and call bells. An Aide, simple Caregiving job would still be perfect. And why? I don't want to forget that I am a Nurse! I love being a Nurse. The power to care. :spin:
    But with ZERO knowledge about Nursing system in Deutschland and only 30 percent German Level. God knows!

    I'm sharing this experience because I think somewhere out there, there are Nurses whom had felt it. :redpinkhe

    And if you are a nurse from Germany, kindly share with me and others on how to go get a job, just an Aide, maybe...
    I have read a few about the Nursing in De from other post..... but hasn't made it clear to me yet...
    Or maybe briefly share with me the system & skills which...... far varies from UK, USA, Australia and Singapore.

    Thank you!
    Danke Schoen!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    We ask that you speak in English only on this site, we do not permit foreign languages to be used so that all can understand.

    What type of visa are you on in Germany at this time? Are you a citizen of the EU or from the US or Canada?
    If not from the EU, then you are going to be required to pass their language exam in most cases to get a visa to work there. So that is why I am asking right up front.

    It will be easier to give you an answer that will be useful to you.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    We have had a few posters from Germany state that the job situation is hard. Also you will be expected to be fluent in the language of the country you want to work in
  5. by   5cats
    You need to be fluent in German first. This lady from the nursing agency was absolutly right to have the forms filled in german. After your german is fluent come back and we might be able to guide you through the registration proccess there.
    Do you have a work permit???

  6. by   snowbunnylovewinter
    Hi all!

    Thanks for the replies. I'm Non-EU. I have permanent Visa. Of course, I am sitting German language courses daily and enjoying it. Thanks... So.. if there's some info that you have something you know, share with me.