Foreign RN from Philippines with MI license Endorse to California BON-approved! - page 3

Hi colleagues! Let me just share my personal experience on endorsement process of my MI RN license here on California. I've been reading a lot from this forum about stories from foreign nurses... Read More

  1. by   Angel Ray
    Hi Mitchiefox. I am a mother of a grade 11 student here in CA and my son would like to take up nursing in the Philippines. May I know what university you went to in the Phils. I would appreciate it if we could have pm via facebook (my username is Angel Ray) as I have so many questions re path to becoming RN here in CA. My husband is an O.R nurse in SoCal but we are no longer updated about the concurrency issue and all. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
  2. by   mitchiefox
    You can send me a PM here. I don't have Facebook anymore.
  3. by   wamgab
    That's a very helpful information. I graduated 2009 and most likely will endorse my New York license to CABON by 2019, if indeed this is true then I will have no problem at all. Keeping my fingers crossed until that time comes.
  4. by   ailure86
    So i just found out today that the fee have increased humongously.. to apply for endorse of license of an international grad applicant, the fee is now 750$!!! Not including livescan/finger scan fee and interim permit!! Thats too much! I just hope that they will give Me a license this time cause 750$ is a big amount of money.
  5. by   Starr223
    Hi kurina. What school did you attend to in phils? I graduated 2008 in the phils and i have an NY rn license and currently looking to endorse it to Ca rn. Of all the entries i've read i found your post uplifting with a dash of hope that i might get through these process if they do follow that 10 year rule.
  6. by   jillaneteodosio
    Hi,Im also a BSN graduate 2012 & RN at 2013. I arrive here in US 2016 LA to be exact and just recently passed the NCLEX PN. I was planning to take th NCLEX RN here in California. I came across this thread hoping someone can help me to apply for may boards. Thank you & God Bless
  7. by   enid03
    Hi Kurina24. I just want to ask, when you were applying for endorsement, did you submit your cases too or just the TOR? I'm about to do licensure by endorsement from NY to CA. I don't know if I just submit the TOR or do I need to include my cases as well. Thank you.