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Hey everyone. I was hoping to get some info from those of you who work/have worked for the vascular access team in the hospital setting. My hospital currently has an opening for the vascular access team that I'm interested in. I have worked in ortho/neuro for the past 4 years and I'm ready for a change. I've taken care of many patients with picc, central and mid lines, done site care, dressing changes, I do have some knowledge. I'm wondering what are the pros and cons of working in this area. Do you enjoy it? Do you find it better than working the floor? Any information would be great. Thanks!

Asystole RN

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I love it.

There are several things that are really nice;

You can become expert within a very specialized area and are treated as thus. A lot of LIPs now just write "Vascular Access Consult" and allow me to make the decision as to what is best, which is nice.

You get to float around the hospital and see what everyone is up to. It is very interesting to see the differences.

It is very challenging and very rewarding. It is fun to take an "impossible" patient and cannulate them.


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I agree with Asystole RN in everything said. I am a 1 person vascular access department and i love it!

Alot of people ask if i get tired of doing the same thing every day...but its not the same. Every patient & every stick is different.


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Asystole and HMarie13 any suggestions or advice for a nurse who will be starting a new job in the vascular access team. I'm excited and nervous. I'm like Ladia, I have been a floor nurse for years and have experience with PICCS and central lines but not accessing them.


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I am in total agreement. I love my job. I work for several hospitals as an independent contractor now. It is highly specialized and comes with certain challenges. I worked the hospital setting in heme-onc and the ed as well as on the team. I like being a supplement to an existing team (weekends and holidays), and also THE team for smaller hospitals. I find as I get older, I prefer to stay out of hospital politics. Being an independent contractor accomplishes this. Good luck.

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