Working in Penticton BC anyone?


Im going to be a new ontario graduate and am interested in BC - the hospital in Penticton BC is hiring new grads immediately (from out of province too). Has anyone ever worked at this hospital? Hows it like living there? I don't drive so I need a city where I can walk or take public transportation. Ive checked it out online and it looks like a nice town with lots of of things to do

I can't decide whether its a good thing or a bad thing that they are taking new graduates immediately, even out of province...sort of makes me think its like that for a bad reason (ex: super high nurse to patient ratio, bad units, etc)

any opinions would be great!


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I do not work in Penticton hospital nor do I live in Pentiction.

I have family in that town and in general it is a nice small town. If you are coming from a larger city, the transit system will probably not do you justice. The hospital is fairly central so if you live around there getting around town should be fine.

The hospital is a small community hospital.

My guess is why they hire new grads is because there is no education for RNs in Penticton so they would always have to recruit out of their city.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Penticton is pretty in the spring and summer. Lots of tourists.

I would think all their really complicated cases get sent down to Vancouver. So you would probably be doing day to day surgeries and deliveries and the odd trauma.

I seem to remember the interior is getting pricey for housing though. Learning to drive would also be high on the list of skills to acquire though. Kamloops is a nice place to visit and shop and Vancouver isn't that far. Depending on Greyhound would be nasty.


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I lived in the Okanagan for 4 years, 2 of those in Pentiction.

It is a lovely place to be for spring/summer. It's very mild in the wintertime and the area surrounding is beautiful. Fresh fruits and veggies all summer long, and beautiful lakes (huge) for recreation. Lots of tourists in the summer. I think house pricing has gone crazy there (as it did everywhere) but when I lived there, rentals were always available at average prices. There is a local public transportation system, don't know about how great it is though. Kelowna is just under an hour away, and there are many little towns around within half-hour to 45 minutes.

If there were employment opportunities for my husband there, I'd move in a heartbeat. So tired of cold, long, northern Alberta winters.

Good luck!


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Penticton hospital is well run, and has exceptionally high standards of nursing practice.

No fear as a new grad.. quite safe.. the nurse to patient ratio's should be fine.

The town it self is a little resort town, lots to do and is proximal to Vancouver, etc.

Kamloops, Royal Inland Hospital is also an excellent hospital to work in. Lots of young nurses, & great opportunities to advance your nursing education. Eg.. they will train you for OR, etc..

You'll Love it I am sure..

Good Luck K

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