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Hello, does the college of Nurses accept nurses who have an ADN and have passed the NCLEX? I'm thinking about taking an ADN in the USA in CA and want to know if my education will be accepted when I get home to Canada. Thank you all for your help!


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You would need to complete a BSN to work as a registered nurse, however if your education is approved you'd qualify to write the exam for and work as a LPN/ RPN. It's also a lengthy process to get your credentials approved.


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The degree has been the entry point for RN status since 2009.

You also need to be aware that you will always be regarded as a foreign nurse with a US education. Each provincial move, even with a US BScN requires approval from the provincial college of nurses.

If you plan on working in Canada, educate yourself here and a void the hassle

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In Ontario the ADN will qualify you to work as an RPN. You will have some type of skill assessment from the CNO.

The RPN scope in Ontario is very different from the US LVN/LPN.


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Thank you. In which ways is the scope different in general?

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In Ontario it is up to each employer, so skills can vary, even among RN's. A friend who lives in another city cannot access central lines as an RN. Only specially trained RNs can, but I know in community RPNs access them.

The CNO (college of nurses of Ontario) will say they do not outline who can do what. Other than RPNs are to look after pts with predictable outcomes. That being said we all know that health care is not always predictable.

There is more opportunity for leadership as an RN, although it is often informal.

The RPN is responsible for her own pts. To admit, assess, d/c, chart and call the MD when needed. Care is rarely transferred to an RN unless going to ICU, but the RPN will consult with the RN. RPNs cannot push IV meds as the outcome is not always predictable. Some places RPNs cannot hang IV meds, but that is changing in most places.

The RPN education is 2 years, some school have changed the curriculum to 2.5. Its is a demanding program, and due to the number of applicants very difficult to into.

I have never worked in the States or another Provence, so I am only speaking to what I have seen.


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I'm an LPN, I can IV push, prepare and hang my own IV meds, access and draw from PICCs.

I wish I could hand me 'unstable' patients over to an RN but unless I can have the rapid team transfer them to ICU, they stay mine


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Except for certain provinces likeAlberta, RPN/LPNs cannot give IV meds or have access to central lines. It hugely depends on which province you go. You can still apply as RN but they will make you do the sec/osce education assessment exam and then the refresher course of 1-2 yrs depending on the province. Ontario will be picky about your degree and so are middle provinces but BC is generally where the 2-3 yr IENS go to get their licenses since they are less strict in this department