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Hey everyone!

I just recently graduated from my program as an RN, and had a job offer just kind of fall in my lap from a long term care facility. I came into nursing wanting to work with the elderly so this is right up my alley! It was also great to hear that the hours would be 8-4:30 Monday through Friday because I have 3 school aged children so it would work out perfectly for me. 

I did have some questions though. I understand that every facility is different, but I haven’t found a post yet that describes the job duties that I was told during the interview, so I was curious if anyone had ever worked in a similar work environment. The DON explained to me that I would work as sort of a “assistant DON” of a specific hall. There would be LPN’s on that hall as well as CNA’s, I would assist them if they needed the help but most of the time I would be in an office and there would be some auditing involved as well.

I was slightly worried about the patient load, after reading some posts on working in LTC, but she said that it wasn’t near as bad as medsurg.

Has anyone ever worked at a facility that operated like this and how did you like it? Also, any tips for succeeding in the world of long term care?


thank you!

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I wouldn't be surprised if the hours often went beyond the stated 8-4:30 (and that you won't be eligible for overtime) so if childcare is a big issue for you be sure to have a plan "b".

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This sounds like you will be a unit manager? If so be prepared to be the one to be on the cart if your unit is short. You will do admission paperwork's, you are the main person that they will ask for questions or help since you will be the managing the floor. Be prepared to be the representative of your floor when State comes. Most unit managers I know are paid salaried so if the floor is short be prepared to come on your day off. I had a unit manager who was called in because the unit was short 2 nurses and he came to the unit wearing polo shirt and shorts and was carrying his golf club bag. Hopefully it does not come to this. Good luck!


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