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working full time and making A's is it possible?


I currently work full time (fri-sun 2p-10p, mon-tue 10p-6a) as a night watchman. I will be doing all my prereqs in the fall and hopefully starting nursing classes in the spring. my question is how difficult should it be for me to keep a high GPA while working full time and doing school full time? i have about 1-2 hours of work to do which leaves 6-7 hours of paid homework time every day i work. I will have one 16 hour day between work and clinicals each week but other than that i think i am in a good position to be able to do well. has anyone else been in a similar situation? thanks!


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Anything is possible. Just remember that pre-reqs and nursing school are two different breeds. What might be easy for you in the fall may not work in the spring when you start nursing school. Good Luck to you and it sounds like you have the perfect job for a student.

it's very doable. me myself i love getting a's and nothing less so i have 2 put more of an effort n2 studying. Just curious, you're taking all your pereq. N 1 semester and then starting nursing school n the spring? At my school the deadline for spring I think is june or july and all prereq. Must be done and u get pts. 4 having co-req. Done. But yes u do have the perfect job 4 studying. Good luck with those a's

Since you have 6-7 hours of time to do homework/study, it might be feasable. Other than that I believe it would be quite difficult, as the actual classes in the program are way more difficult than pre-reqs. We were advised not to work more than 20 hours a week. Sometimes I find 20 hours to be too much.

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I believe its possible ! Good luck with your A's !

You do have the option of studying at work so I believe it is possible. However, keep in mind that in many programs even people who come in with a 4.0 do not get A's in nursing school. I'm not saying that you won't make all A's I am saying, if you do your best, don't beat yourself up about it.

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