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Hi all!

I'm a home care nurse in a neighboring community from where I live. Turns out one of my patient's is the brother of my MIL neighbor, who both live down the street from me.

The sister figured it out when she saw my name on the patient's folder.

Anyway, last night I get a call from my MIL saying she got a call from her neighbor who got a call from her brother (my patient) that he hadn't gotten a call from a nurse for a Thursday visit.

What the heck?! First of all, I'm off today!! Secondly why is my MIL getting involved in this?! He's an orthopedic patient, had no critical needs that needed addressed. So now because all of these extraneous people being involved and calling me I have to go out on my day of to see this guy to smooth the waters. Ugh!!!!!

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Do you work through an agency? Why not redirect to agency/ on call person?


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You are going to visit because that is what your employer determined was best?

Or, did you problem solve this on a "family" level rather than having the patient contact the agency?

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You don't HAVE to go out on your day off. How frequently does the patient need to be seen? Call the patient and say "Hi Mr. Jones. It appears there is some confusion. You are not scheduled to have a visit on Thursday. Your next visit is scheduled for [whatever day]." And tell your mother-in-law to mind her own business. You don't tell her how to do her job.


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Conflict of interest. I would ask that someone else be assigned to this patient.

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