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I am learning more and more about the new "Integrated" health care model that is used by some chiropractors that incorporate Nurse Practitioners in their practice. Is this something that is growing? Is this just a fad? Is this something that would be frowned upon from a medical community? Thoughts?

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This seems to be a growing trend. These are some of the threads where this is discussed:

Hope this provides some more info.


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I worked in this field and wrote my thoughts in one of the links above. : ) Myst and I are from separate areas in the US, and we both had similar opinions.

For your above questions- I definitely think it is a growing practice. In my experience, it works like a franchise, there are two companies in the United states ( that I know of thus far) that market what I'll call a "package" and this is all about how to incorporate using an NP in your chiropractic practice, and they basically get everything set up for you. There are about 15 of these offices so far in my area, and while they are all essentially "connected" via this one company, they are all individually owned by the chiropractor who started the office in the first place. I've seen most of the offices succeed, except for two. It really depends on the chiropractor and how well they "sell" the concept to people. The two offices I mentioned that closed, only shut down the NP part. They are still successful as general chiropractic offices. To be honest, I am in the process of looking for and negotiating other jobs. There is a high sales pressure feeling that comes with the job (to tell pts they absolutely need trigger point inj and joint inj- at least in my area) and the turn around of nps is horrendous because of this. You're autonomous in a sort, but in all the offices I've been at, the chiros basically try and tell you what to do, which means EVERY pt needs a joint inj. My md collaborator is wonderful, and available if I need him, but when it comes down to it.... When everybody is getting a piece of the pie, ethics can disappear.

Regardless of the sales pressure and ethics, It does help some people. I realize this. But they want everyone on SI joint inj. And I do mean Everyone. It is frustrating to have to defend to your chiro why a teenage boy (with a neg X-ray)is probably sore from his intense gym workout, and let's wait a bit before we go to a series of 3 SI joint inj with steroids... Not to mention getting zinged by insurances at some of the other offices I know of. Working with a somewhat large group of nps, all except for one (one of the offices that closed) stated it was the same crap (sales pressure and unnecessary joint inj) going on at their specific office.

Hence im on a job hunt and looking at other opportunities ; )

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Seems like almost all of these opportunities benefit the chiro at the expense of the NP, at least around here.

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I am interested in this area as well.