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  1. University of Alabama (Capstone) 2015 Fall DNP

    Hi yes, I graduated from this program. Let me know what questions you have.
  2. My professor told us NPs have no future...

    you have to be careful with this if it's a government program for the loan forgiveness. My best friend/classmate thought she'd be able to do this, and then even though the clinic she accepted a position with was listed as a qualified place, her, and ...
  3. Non-competes

    I would have have to agree with this. I've known friends who've gotten screwed by this and honestly think it's dumb. I can't speak for other practices, but in my own experience, I've never seen a bunch of patients leave a practice to follow an NP. I'...
  4. What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Spit fistulas! Yuck
  5. NP/PMHNP entry pay

    Yep, I know an ACNP, that works at our local ED. They have so many patients coming and going, that there's plenty of adults for her to see. And they also don't have a peds unit in the hospital so most children are seen at the pediatric hospital right...
  6. NP/PMHNP entry pay

  7. Hate my FNP job

    Listen to Golden! : )
  8. How do you explain the DNP?

    While I agree with Peacock, I am still enjoying the program I am in, not to mention, I like to finish what I start. : )
  9. DNP admission interview

    Nope. Mine was pretty basic. Why I wanted to, and what were my eventual goals. Good luck!!
  10. University of Alabama (Capstone) 2015 Fall DNP

    The proposal that you have to send in with the application?
  11. University of Alabama (Capstone) 2015 Fall DNP

    More so in 700 for me. Let me know if you need help in 701. You have my email. : )
  12. University of Alabama (Capstone) 2015 Fall DNP

    I think you are considering a different school. South Alabama vs Alabama.
  13. University of Alabama (Capstone) 2015 Fall DNP

    Ooohh you got more emails/instructions?! Our teacher didn't clarify anything. Ugh. Those instructions were definitely vague. I forgot we had different instructors, maybe if you get better instructions for the assignments, can you forward them to me?
  14. University of Alabama (Capstone) 2015 Fall DNP

    Yes. Maybe I'm dumb, lol, but had some trouble understanding some of the stuff. How is it going for you? What other class are you taking again?
  15. Best path for more work options post MSN?

    I see you are from PGH. I have a friend that works for Upmc and she was able to talk them into working one day a week after working full time (although she has worked for the same doc for the past 5 years) I think it all depends on who is in charge a...