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Work from home jobs you can do in your spare time?

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Hi! Does anyone know of specific nursing jobs you can do from home as a stay at home mom? Like early in the morning or at night or some weekends? I know insurance companies and things like that have remote work, but it all seems to be full time. I currently work at a hospital every other weekend and would like to completely stay home, but need to make up that income. Thanks!

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

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I think this is an age-old question that many have tried and few have found. If they do exist, the competition would be seriously fierce. 

Chickenlady, ADN

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You could try to tutor online, but I doubt that will be regular income

There is a facebook group for work from home nurses. Lots of info there. 


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Thanks! What is the name of it?


There are several actually. I just checked. So maybe you could do a search and find which one suits you. The one I am on is Remote Nursing Jobs. ❤️


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