Words of encouragement?


I'm taking anatomy currently and need a B to pass the course. Our first practical is Wednesday and I am just terrified. I have been studying a minimum of 2 hours a day for it for over a week. Not counting the lecture, homework etc. I have gotten As on the 2 tests in Lab. But somehow I still feel a little uncomfortable with all the material. I'm a bit run down, but I know I need to keep studying.

I'm a mom, and I stay at home. I'm able to only study a max of 3 hours a day. yet, Is till feel it just isn't enough. I'm using a variety of study tools. I take extra notes, read the books, coloring book, flash cards, WRITE, I have a mini skeleton and a skull... I'm just still so unsure of myself. So far I know I am doing great but I feel I need weeks, not days.

Is it just me? Or is this normal to not feel ready to take the exam?


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I think a certain amount of it is normal, but do you feel like it's interfering with your life? Do you have good coping skills and stress management?

Few of us walk into an exam for a nursing prereq (or nursing class) feeling like, "I've got this." As long as you're getting most of it, you should be fine.

Good luck!


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I'm not sure what normal is. It is kind of interfering with my life. But I also didn't expect to be able to keep up with everything like I usually would either. I'm also probably awful with stress management! I just want to pass. It is such an important class. I know most of my stuff. You can only do so much studying right?


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I know it is tough work! This is something that I've started doing that has helped me dramatically with test anxiety. I do my best to prepare for the test far in advance (like you are doing), and then the day before the test I try not to cram anything else in. I use the day before the test as a way to mentally relax and do some very light studying. In the past, I would study right up until test time, and that led to horrible anxiety for me. Use the day before as a way to mentally prepare and RELAX!

Also, I bet you are ready for your exam, but if you don't get a test score that matches your effort, take the time to see where you fell short. If I don't receive the grade that I know I worked so hard for, I first look over the test to see what I got wrong, and then from there come up with a game plan for the future.

You are normal. I am in physio and talked to a few classmates and I was surprised how stressed they feel as well. I thought I was alone, but I am not and neither are you. You can do this! Good luck and keep pushing forward.

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What does this exam cover? If we know the subjects or areas covered we may be able to give some specific advice on studying for it. I know I had to study differently depending on the subject we were covering.