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Hello.... I am an 18 year old student that just graduated from high school. I have always wanted to become a registered nurse after attending high school. However, I have been faced with so many people telling me that it is verrry hard and stressful. I know I am capable of doing it. What do you all think? Do you think it's worth it? I would like to become a RN and be dependant on myself. I have no kids and at the present time I am living with my parents and I work at part-time job. How long would it take to become a RN? 2years? Also....when becoming a RN can someone please explain to me the basics of getting into the program and is it true that if you fail you can get kicked out and no longer can become a RN? I am soooo curious about everything. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!


I am in my senior year of a bachelor's program in nursing (supposed to take you four years to complete this program). However, there are associate degree programs which I believe take approximately 2-3 years to complete. There are 3 girls in my nursing class who started college directly out of high school and will graduate with me in May- it can be done! Yes, I will be honest, it's a tough program. This past semester it seems that the instructors were out to test my endurance, but I've succeeded in finishing the semester and doing it quite well.

It is generally fairly competitive to get into the nursing program. You can strengthen your chances by doing well in your pre-requisite classes. I know at my school they look primarily at who is finished with their pre-requisites and then look at GPA's. I got in on the first try (and that's with raising a son, being married, working fulltime, etc) so it can definitely be done smile.gif As far as failing goes, the only experience I know of in my school like that was when a student last year failed clinicals. He was forced to wait until the following year to re-apply to the program. He got in again and is doing quite well.

I would suggest getting in touch with a counselor at a local college to see what classes they offer in January (assuming you want to start then). You will need to take some general requirements first, regardless of the degree you choose, such as English and Math. The nursing program is pretty tough, but it is attainable, and I think that like the saying goes "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right" is very applicable here. Please be sure to follow up and let us know how everything is going. I am sure you will do great!!!

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Hi Pooh girl,

I really commend you for wanting to be a nurse. I am going into my 2nd quarter, but I am married three kids and not 18 smile.gif Yes I am sure many will agree it is the hardest thing they have ever done. If you know you can do it, have confidence in yourself and just do it. One class at a time. But be prepared to realize that your social life will suffer. You will have nursing on the brain at all times. You can get a 2 yr associate degree, but I would at least take 3 yrs. some pre reqs are not easy, Anatomy physiology is a real hard class,(that class builds confidence)What I would do is see what everyone has to say here and go talk to a guidance counselor to figure out a schedule. To tell you the truth as hard as it is, this it some of the best of times. Janice feel free to email me,

also I was also thinking, many women become a CNA or a STNA (nursing assistant). You can either work in a nursing home or in a hospital, at the hospital there are a variety of positions to fill on different floors. Most nurses are great in letting you experience nursing duties or at least watch and explain. this would give you a good idea if nursing is for you. I hope you decide to go into nursing, they are predicting a shortage of nurses. Janice

Well yes it is true that for many people it takes 3 yrs to complete their associates degree in nursing. However, it is possible to finish it in two or 2 1/2 yrs. I did it and so did three other people in my class. It is very hard to do, but it can be done. We had to pass this NLN test in order to not have to take some pre-reqs and most people end up having to take at least one class before they were able to get into the nursing program. In order to make my semesters a little lighter, I took some of the classes in the summer. Good luck in whatever you choose.

Hi! I am 18 years old and i just finished my first semester of nursing school. I was reading your post and i thought it was me that had written it. i live at home and work a part-time job and am enrolled in a 2 year RN program at a local community college. it's tough..my social life did suffer but you develop bonds w/ the people in your class. there should be a saying that says a nursing student can only be friends w/ other nursing students...but don't get me wrong. it's not THAT bad. it's tough though. i am doign it all in 2 years and this past semester i took Nursing 101 , anatomy and physiology, psychology, and an art class for a required elective. it's entirely possible to do!

we do have a requirement abotu flunking out...you have to maintain a C in all (!) of your classes or you can't stay in the program. but there always people to help you and the older girls in the program..the ones that are CNA's or LPN's already take you under their wing and help you out w/ things that are new to you. i had a lot of people tellme that i didn't want to do nursing..it's too hard and i wouldn't like it. don't listen to them....if this is what you want to do you have no reason not to!! Go for it!! if you have any questions or anything..feel free to email me anytime.. LJoyW_27@yahoo.com Good luck!!

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