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Witnessed UDS

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I am part of SC RPP program. A few months ago they started doing random witnessed UDSs. I have no idea what prompted this because I have NEVER tampered with a sample. So far I have had two or three of these over the past several months. At first I was very upset and horrified because I thought someone was thinking that I tampered with my sample. Now it just irritates me related to the expense. It costs me twice as much as an unwitnessed test of the same option. Does anyone have any idea?

I think most state programs have witnessed UDS. In California it's not even an option, all the samples the board asks to provide are witnessed and it's a pain especially if you're in a rural area as there's not always staff of the same gender at your closest testing site to observe. (I could care less who looks at my junk but most places won't test you if they don't have a same sex observer)

These board monitors all go to the same conferences and stuff so what one board adopts pretty much becomes standard across the country. So expect most states to do observed drug screens for their monitoring program in the future

Texas is not going to witnessed without reasonable suspicion per my caseworker.

Virginia does not do mandatory witnessed UDS. My initial screen was witnessed, but I have not had one witnessed screen since.

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Just my opinion (and we know how those are, like you-know-whats, everybody's got 'em) nobody's witnessed me for 3+ years. Without reasonable suspicion, nobody needs to start. i don't have a whole lot of dignity left after all this but peeing in private is the one little bit that i do have.