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Im in my 2nd quarter of nursing school.

1st: Fundamentals and Health Assess

2nd: Med/Surg, Psychology, Pharmacology

I dropped med/surg. I had a 70 and just couldnt see myself going into the HESI with that grade. I feel I made the right decision but am still hurt. I would hate to know that I have disappointed anyone. Im just kind of depressed now......need some words of encouragement.

I have known a few people who have withdrawn or received an F after completing a class. They just re-entered the following semester and keep on going (and passing, too!).

Withdrawing does stink but is sometimes necessary and definitely does not mean it's the end of your nursing education! Please remember this is a hard program which is, for most, a totally new way of learning and test-taking. Focus on psychology and pharmacology for right now. Med surg will be waiting for you next semester.

I hope this makes you feel a bit better.

Good luck and keep your chin up!


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Bless your heart. I think you've disappointed yourself more than anyone. (I'm familiar with that) it'll get better; you are going to finish? It is tough. Positivity comin' at you!

I have never thought nursing school will be this hard before i got in the program. I didn't have a single C on my transcript which nursing school gave it to me. No matter what i gone a say it may not feel good to you, Just keep on going find out what was the problems you were having and set realistic goals change the study strategy if needed. Nursing school is a full time commitment for two years but , once you are fininshed then you will look back and feel proud to yourself hope. I know it's tough you can do it.


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Hold your head up high and do not make your dream becomes a distant memory...My friend failed out of three nursing colleges before she became a nurse. Now she is a nurse practitioner. God is good all the time. Believe in yourself and and work even harder and he will make a way.

I am reapplying for March. Im finishing out pharm and psych. I've always wanted to be a nurse. From Janurary until March I will take sociology and speech to bring up my GPA. Im feeling worse today then yesterday. My twin sister was accepted into some psychology honor society. My mom hasnt been too understanding but nobody understands like nursing students do. I've had WAY too many bad thoughts this morning. I just can't shake this off and it's so frustrating


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at my nursing school they will not let you even register or get into the nursing program unless you already finished your psych, sociology, etc... that way you are only taking nursing classes.

have you considered taking all "pre req's" before nursing school?

this makes it so much easier.

I've already completed 1 quarter of nursing school. I will be taking my remaining core in the following quarter during my "break" from nursing classes.


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