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  1. Hello, I'm a new LPN and I need some advice. I accepted my first nursing position in LTC and now 6 weeks later I have been dismissed. I was told that I wasn't "catching on fast enough and they doubted if I ever would". I don't feel that six weeks is much of a training period for a new LPN grad, especially when I was to be assigned to NOC shift on my own, in a 68 bed facility(with no separate nurse for the dementia/Alzheimer's patients). There are also other circumstances that went along with this basic premise. I believe I may have made a serious error in choosing LTC as a first assignment (the load is tremendous, the pace is not conducive to learning-God knows the other nurses don't have the time, and the facility's "training" pretty much consisted of other nurses having me help them get their work done). Lest any of you get the impression that I am a pampered prima donna expecting an air-cushioned ride through my nursing career I want to let you all know that I am 50 years old, have been employed all of my life and have never been fired from any job I have ever had until last week. I would very much appreciate being able to converse privately with someone with experience in the nursing profession who may be able to help me back on course. Needless to say, I was demoralized by this person's comments on my potential abilities, but after having spent the weekend in retrospect my only desire is to continue better than I began. Thanks to all who may have time to respond.
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  3. by   bookwormom
    Hang in there. It sounds like this facility isn't doing a very good job with new nurses. If you can find a hospital with a good orientation program, that's where I'd go. If it comes up, you may as well be frank about your bad experience with the recruiters; they've probably heard it before, and with your good employment history, I think you have credibility.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I too want to extend my sympathies. I worked in LTC as a new grad LPN too and it was not fun. I got my RN as soon as absolutely possible and went to the hospital.

    Is there a chance you could change employer type? Get out of LTC?
  5. by   gila
    hi. i graduated from the LPN program last year and stayed with my job where i was a CNA. i went on a couple job interviews, one was a night shift position working alone. i felt nervous about being alone with no RN to consult and being a brand new grad. the advice i received from the numerous nurses in my family was that it was a bad idea, that it was too much of a liability being so inexperienced. well anyway i just wanted to share a little bit of the road im traveling since graduating, its great that you are not discouraged. you will find a place where you are comfortable and have opportunities to use your skills and or learn new ones. i want to go back to school now too- so many more options with that RN! but for now i am working in a jail and i really enjoy it so far. good luck!!!
  6. by   rgcirn
    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. If you want to pm me I will be happy to talk to you. I am curious about which LTC facility did that to you. I am from NE Wisconsin and have a son who works in LTC as a CNA. I've only done 2 shifts in a LTC, as an agency nurse, they were noc shifts and I was thrown in the deep end without a life preserver. The only time I ever cried coming home from work. Hang in there and let me know if you want to talk, I'd be happy to listen.