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I live in the Oconomowoc area and have spent my career commuting to either Milwaukee or Madison. I am hoping to find something that fits me in the new Aurora Hospital. I saw nothing in the papers as... Read More

  1. by   farmerRN
    I would have to agree with DI...Aurora is not that great of a system to work for. Couple of pros...largest healthcare network in Wisconsin, so alot of ability to transfer, electronic medical record which is cool, some decent education opportunities...that is about it. When I started in 2003 with them...they weren't too terrible, for all the bad press they can get. But the past year, with the economy downturn, the true colors of Aurora came through...basically they could care less about nurses especially and all about the money, money, money. Wages and benefits cut, layoffs, hiring freezes, increased patient loads, even though there is all this money to continue to build hospitals and clinics...and this year, premiums for employees almost doubling. Thanks goodness I got out early this year and have been able to find travel nursing. Most of upper management never worked in areas they are managing, so alot of incompetent managers and directors, and if you are there too long or stand up to management....consider your a target and they will get you out. Now of course, all this depends if you work at a site where you make money! And don't get me started on the whole customer service crap and planetree they shove down "caregiver's" throats. Shift differentials...I think 2nd shift is 1.75, and 2.25 for nights.

    And to have Aurora on your resume in Wisconsin right now is a negative!
  2. by   farmerRN
  3. by   Divine intervention
    I donot know if farmerRN ran into this situation, but I worked in a very hostile racist environment, with unbelievable nurses who would report you basically lie about you to the manager, never tell you to your face, and then talk to you as if you were their best friend, they'd talk about explicit sexual acts at the nurses station, they refer to certain ethnic groups as an "infestation" upon their small community. I'm sure most nurses can say they've experienced these types of situations during their career, but I can honestly say this was a first for me. I've done it for a while ran into some nasty nurses but none like the ones at Aurora Healthcare. The manager eager to make pay cuts absolutely went along with anything and everything these nurses would say. Their Doctors are so low and petty some nurses just do not stand a chance. Their doctors seemingly know what they are doing but if you really look at their "history" you'd think twice, atleast the ones I had the displeasure of dealing with. Planetree, "like a family" all a joke its all about the money. These nurses I worked with really gave Wisconsin nurses a bad name.
  4. by   Quickbeam
    The night shift differential is now 2.75/hr.
  5. by   heart_for_you
    How long did it take for them to call you after you put in your application?
  6. by   Quickbeam
    It was a hurry up and wait thing. I applied in April 2009. I heard nothing until I copied my application and resubmitted it in October. Then I got interviewed and offered a position. They plan on having nursing staff in orientation 2/1/10 for a hospital opening date of 3/1/10. Cutting it close to give a couple weeks notice!
  7. by   pugmomrn
    Quickbeam- what unit? I'll be on OB (and I'm returning to Aurora- great docs at the new hosp!!)
  8. by   Quickbeam
    pugmomrn...see my PM!

    Orientation begins 2/1/10, hospital opens 3/1/10!
  9. by   whitedoginwi
    I was told they were not hiring new grads at this time. Because of the start-up period, they want nurses that are trained.