1. RN with 16 years experience, considering a move to WI or IL. Prefer more of a city feel (just came from Philly, currently in Raleigh) rather than a 'small town' feel. That being said, want to live in downtown area with good art/music, shopping, restaurants, etc.

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  3. by   evolvingrn
    Definitely Madison! its got a great down-town area, fabulous farmers market and great hospitals
  4. by   melizerd
    Madison is routinely voted one of the best places in the country to live. If you're very conservative you might not like it as much because it's known for being fairly liberal.

    I'm currently in a northern Milwaukee suburb and I rarely go in to the city.
  5. by   beccabear122
    I actually just moved from Green Bay to Milwaukee. I really loved Green Bay a lot, but if you're looking for a city feel then Milwaukee is the way to go. Not to mention the hospitals around here are top-notch and really beat Green Bay. I am not sure about Madison, but Milwaukee has Froedert, Columbia St. Mary's, Aurora St. Luke's, etc. Really great hospitals and a big city feel. I think Milwaukee. Milwaukee definitely also has a lot of art/music/shopping/restaurant areas, but be prepared to pay more for housing. Good luck with your decision!
  6. by   Mommy2be
    Milwaukee pays the best, just moved to the Fox Cities area (Oshkosh, Green Bay) and the pay sucks, but the people are a LOT nicer. Jobs are tight here, but I've been seeing posts that they are tight in MKE, although I find that hard to believe. I MISS working in Milwaukee, but its a crummy city that is going down the drains. If you have a family, I say move to the Green Bay area. Less crime and great to raise a family (that is why we moved).
  7. by   evolvingrn
    Madison pays on average 5 dollars more for a new grad RN. about the lowest starting pay for an RN at a hospital is 30 dollars an hour and goes all the way up to 32 dollars an hour. i have heard milwaukee starts at about 25 dollars and hour.