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  1. by   belle005
    So, did you end up getting in? I am at Gateway too and applied to Burlington this time. I didn't get in and am very frustrated about it. I have a 4.0 gpa and the people telling me they got in are the weakest students! They get low grades, don't always show up for class, are copying off each other's papers. Grrr!!!! They also tell me they failed this or that and had to retake it. No wonder they've been waiting longer... they keep failing and retaking things. It's not fair at all. One girl I spoke to (a VERY lazy student) commented, "I got in this time, but I'll probably just end up failing out anyway." :angryfire
  2. by   GN Dave
    I also had a 4.0 when I was waiting to get in, but as you know, Gateway doesn't select based on GPA. Once I got into clinicals, I did just fine, while the people you are speaking of dropped like flies. You will get in, you will do fine, it's all part of the process, and then when it's over, you'll be an RN and those other people will be working for you as CNA's... that's just how it happens...
  3. by   rotteluvr31
    I'm in my third semester at GTC in Burlingotn. GPA has nothing to do with getting in to the program, just where you are on the list. Here is a hint. Come the beginning of January see if there are openings in any classes like Pharmacology or Fundamentals. I was able to begin as a part-time student a semester early because there were openings in the class and I approached the program counselor and asked if I could get into the class. They really prefer to run full classes, so that was how I started.

    And one of the previous posters spoke the truth when they said that lazy students will drop like flies.
  4. by   GN Dave
    Also, look at your position number on the "rejection" letter... if you are pretty close, you could still get in because they figure out that they have "extra" seats when it gets close to the start of the semester... as the previous poster had said, they like full classes...
  5. by   badgerbabe287
    Yeah, i got in to the program at gateway. My advisor said they had extra seats available and i go to orientation this week and start clinicals. Im sooooooo excited!
  6. by   rotteluvr31
    Congratulations! Good luck to you!
  7. by   iwillbecomenurse
    hello can u give me a heads up which one is harder ---kenosha or burlington teachers?
  8. by   iwillbecomenurse
    did u finish ur adn rn?