anyone awaiting acceptance from Marquette Direct Entry MSN program

  1. Did any one receive acceptance into Marquette's Direct entry to MSN program?
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  3. by   kcocat
    I did!

    I start this coming Monday (5/21)

  4. by   Bree124
    Hi there, I am applying to Marquette's direct entry MSN program this fall, hoping to start in may '08. Would you mind sharing your GPA/GRE scores with me?


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  5. by   kcocat
    I have an MBA, so was not required to submit GRE scores. My GPA at time of application was 3.75. The essay you write has a strong influence on admittance, so absolutely put a lot of effort into it. General info about our cohort: Of my current class of 47 folks, I'd say 5 of us have Graduate degrees, about 20 are folks who went directly from finishing their BS into this program, and the rest are a mix of 2nd career folks or otherwise. There seems to be folks from all backgrounds, only abut 4-5 of us have healthcare backgrounds, a bunch of former teachers, an architect, many with science and business degrees, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and a couple of doulas. About 10-15 folks moved here from out of state for the program. I'd say about 2/3rds of our class are folks in their 20's, about 4 folks over 40 and the rest somewhere in their 30's. Hope that helps!