Wined and Dined by future employers


I was reading an article in my local paper today about how the county hospital nurse recruiter admits to "wine & dine" new grads, and says all the hospitals do it, as they all need nurses.

I know the senior class of our program this year had luncheons at least twice from area hospitals with a "please come work for us!!" theme. I was curious as to those of you who experienced the same from future employers while you were in school, or after graduation.


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Yes, I remember well being wined and dined " back in the day." Take advantege of it now......they don't seem to wine and dine after awhile.

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I loved being in nursing school with all the luncheons. It was a great perk. But in the end I went to work for the hospital that I worked for in the first place because my boss helped me so much with my schedule and understanding with me being a single mother and working full time and going to school fulltime. Like the saying goes "Dance with the one that brung ya."


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Why not wine and dine experienced nurses?


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Why not wine and dine experienced nurses?

I've wondered about that too.

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Perhaps the more important question is, how do they treat nurses who've been there for a year, five years, ten years?

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