Wilmington University RN-BSN ONLINE! wgu opted out


Hey guys, so I recently got accepted to Wilmington Delaware's rn-bsn online. I start Oct 29. I wanted to know if anyone has completed this already? I'm really nervous. I've heard that you have to complete more clinicals. where are those done at and how is the process? I've also heard that for one class in particular "Holistic' class" students have to complete a small practicum vis web cam and do a physical assessment. How true is that? I hope not lol, I just thought the program was going to be writing papers and online tests. I opted out of Western Governors, now I feel like I made a mistake. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


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Hi There!

I am Dean of the College of Health Professions at Wilmington University, as well as past program Chair of the RN to BSN program. Additionally, I am proud alumni of both our BSN and MSN Leadership programs. Subsequently, I am happy to help you and ease any concerns you may have!

During NUR 413 Holistic Health Assessment, you will perform a "return demonstration" on one randomly assigned body system. For example, if you are assigned the cardiovascular system, you will demonstrate how to assess the thoracic region and all involved organs, vasculature, and structure associated with this system on a mock client - maybe a friend, a neighbor, a spouse, who is agreeable to serving as your patient. You may elect to video this demonstration (with a camera, or your phone, or other suggested video method) and upload to the Blackboard site, or perform it live with a webcam (most computers have built-in or can be purchased through a department store).

There are two courses that possess "clinical"; although not the clinical you may recall from your associate's or diploma program.

NUR 333 Nurse as Leader is the first opportunity for 16 hours of clinical. During four of your seven weeks of the course, you will shadow a nurse leader in your community, and compare/ contrast what you are learning theoretically to what is practiced in the health care environment. The second course is during your final BSN course entitled, NUR 433 Global Health Care Practicum. Here, you have the opportunity to identify a community-based setting, identify a teaching need, and perform group teaching in accordance with the Healthy People 2020 initiative.

Our highly-qualified faculty provide individualized attention to students and are committed to your personal and professional growth.

I welcome your questions in this thread.

Wishing you the very best in pursuit of your academic goals,


Thanks so much for replying Denise. I am currently at Wilmington and I just started Nurs 303. You really eased my nerves lol. Today was the first day of class, but it's really nice because the faculty respond quickly to students messages and they are willing to help. I'm looking forward to the rest of my classes. If I have anymore questions I'll definitely ask you (if that's ok). Thanks again.


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Hi! I am interested in applying to this school. How are your classes going so far? How often do classes start and what is the typical length? Thanks for your help!!

Hi, the program has been great. I'm looking forward to finishing this spring. There is a lot of work and dedication that goes into online classes, but they are passable (some might say easy) if you work hard and stay organized. Classes last for 7 weeks and are grouped into two blocks. Once you talk to an adviser, they'll explain it better. So for instance this semseter I'm taking two classses in block 1 (January 13- March 6) and two classes in block 2 (March 10- May 4). If you decide to go here and need help, feel free to post a comment or send me a message. Good Luck!


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I just graduated from Wilmington University's RN-BSN program. I took two classes per block and finished in 15 months with a 4.0 while working as an RN. It is by far the best RN-BSN program out there. This program is NOTHING like basic nursing school. It builds on what you already know. I am already looking into their MSN programs. Good luck!


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Hello, Im interested in going to Wilmington for RN to BSN also. How did you like it? I was wondering how you found the statistics course? That is my biggest worry about this program? Thank you.


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Hello, Im interested in going to Wilmington for RN to BSN also. How did you like it? I was wondering how you found the statistics course? That is my biggest worry about this program? Thank you.

Hi JDGNURSE! Not sure if you are still looking for an answer to this question. I took the statistics class back in 2010 in person before moving. It was definitely difficult and i can honestly say im not sure i would still understand how to do it. That said, my course grades were based mostly off of homework (which you had the opportunity to redo) and i managed to get a B in the class! Ill be restarting the RN to BSN program in spring 100% online. I hope my answer helped you!


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Thank you. I'm trying to put off statistics for as long as I could. If its mostly homework, I could work with a tutor. Thank you.


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Forgot to mention that I did choose Wilmington, and I really like it so far! Lots of writing, but the course is really good. I'm in my first nursing course now.


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Last Master's rotation that led to FNP's had not one but 2 instructors sleeping, instead of instructing graduate students. These were not the easy classes, but the infamous P's classes you really need for you career, and the boards. Classmates took it upon themselves to try to figure out the requirements (amidst snoring instructors) out of the syllabus themselves, since instruction was esentially nonexistent (despite complaints to the dean). After everyone graduated, they received letters offering them audits to retake these 2 classes. After passing the boards, who would want to go back and audit a class that should have been there, in the first place? Even more importantly, who wants to be treated by an NP who made it through the boards, lacking in critical areas because of sleeping instructors? It's unfair all the way around (since it wasn't just one, this signifies more global quality program concerns). Just a caution before you choose this option.