Willing to share your med alert form?

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Is anyone willing to share the med alert form (or whatever you use for communication) they send to the classroom teacher of a student with allergies or other medical information they need to know? I am currently revising some paperwork in my office and wanted to see what others give to teachers at the beginning of each year and how your process works. If they have multiple teachers do you print a form for each or do you have a way to inform them electronically of the medical problems and what they should be aware of? I'd love to see your sample Emergency Care Plan you send to teachers as well as what you send for those students who have medical info the teachers need to know but do not constitute an emergency.


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we use a computerized program for grades and attendance and so forth that has a health module that i can put medical concerns into. A health concern generate a red cross next to the child's name that they can click on and it will give the info. It's up to the teacher on how they want to leave that info for a sub.

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I don't give anything on paper. I have a face to face meeting at the beginning of the year and let teachers know any concerns. Then, similar to Flare's system, there is a medical icon in the student's PowerSchool record where teachers can get information.

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