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Will two dismissed felonies keep me out of nursing school?

foreverLaur foreverLaur (Member)

I recently had an issue where my accounts were used to steal $11,000 without my permission. Since my accounts were used, I was charged with two felonies: a 3rd degree felony for the theft of the $11,000 and a 4th degree felony for the fact that my accounts were used.

Upon further investigation, they realized that I had no knowledge of this and that I was a victim. All charges were immediately dropped

On my background check, it shows that I was charged with a 3rd and 4th degree felony, but that the charges were dismissed. It will take approximately 1 year for the charges to be completely expunged.

I called the nursing program to find out if this would disqualify me, but they were unable to provide me with a response.

Anyone have any ideas if this would disqualify me? I was found innocent and the case was dismissed and shows as dismissed on my background check.

I am just so frustrated that I was charged before any investigation was done. It has torn my life apart the past few months.. I've been treated like a criminal and lost my job. Thankfully they finally did investigate and realized I was a victim only and dropped the charges and I sincerely hope this won't keep me out of nursing school...

Also - I've already been accepted pending a background check and drug screen (which I won't have a problem with).

Beyond being charged for a crime I didn't commit (and I was actually a victim in), I have a clean background check. I've never even had a speeding ticket or a detention!


You need to direct your questions to your state's Board of Registered Nursing. We are not allowed to give legal advice per the Terms of Service and have no knowledge of your case and how your Board will deal with you. Each case is dealt with on its own merits by the Board. Good luck.

I'm not looking for legal advice and I don't have a case anymore - it was dropped/dismissed.

I realized that pending charges and convictions are looked at on a case by case basis, but I was found to be innocent and the case was dismissed.

In about a year, this case will be expunged and 100% gone from my record. When a background check is run, it will be clean. However, that won't be for a year and my background check for nursing school will be run before then.

I will be attending nursing school in Ohio and will take the NCLEX in Ohio. I will then be looking to transfer my license to California or Texas.

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I called the nursing program to find out if this would disqualify me, but they were unable to provide me with a response.

I am not trying to give you a hard time, but if the nursing school itself can't or won't respond, how can anything we say have any bearing on the situation? At best you'll get meaningless speculation. At worst, you'll get wrong answers.

Sounds like you need to keep pursuing this with the school officials. And contact the BON in your state to see if they have any input.

Best wishes in getting this straightened out. I'm so sorry you were a victim of this horrendous crime.

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