Will taking TNCC help me transition easier to ER?

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This might be appealing to an ED manager, but it means nothing without experience. I work in a trauma center and you work for 6 months to a year before they put you in the course.


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I think TNCC is helpful if you work in a trauma center. Minor traumas are pretty straight forward. I think you will find that the ED is very different from what you expect.

I was surprised that I would be doing a lot of primary care type stuff, and the codes and traumas are a minority of what you see (at least in my ED). I'd review a text book about common practices/procedures you see in the ED and that would be more beneficial than having TNCC.


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I took TNCC before I applied to my ED, but I don't think it was all that pivotal in a) getting the position or b) helping me in traumas. I was able to audit it a few months later (after being hired in the ED) and it was a much better learning experience.

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