will i still be a "new grad"?


Just wondering how recruiters would react to my future resume...

graduated from an adn program in 2010, got my license at this time...worked at a hospital for 2 months.

went straight to rn-bsn school full time for another two years (without working as an RN).

Will I be considered a "new grad," and will i be eligible to apply to new grad residency programs (in 2 years)?



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I do think many of them accept RNs who have less than 6 mos of working experience as a nurse.

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I do think many of them accept RNs who have less than 6 mos of working experience as a nurse.

I've seen the same in new grad postings in my area.


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i agree with the others. also, rn-bsn programs do not have structured clinicals like your adn program. rather, they have the rn apply theory at their place of work and within their community.

so, clinically the typical rn-bsn student is working full or part time while attending such a program. you, on the other hand, will be in search of experiences to get through the program and will be at a loss during many discussions of theory related to bedside work because you are not actively working. when you graduate the program you will still not have the skills of a typical rn-bsn graduate because you will not have worked as a rn. thus, yes, you will still be considered a new grad.

however, from what i have read in some other posts, you may have a problem with employers that might view you as a clinically-stale new grad. such employers may exclude you from the hiring pool when considering new grads in 2012.



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Thanks for the input....anyone knows of someone who went thru the same situation?....we have a clinical class but its more on community setting...perhaps i should take a refresher course during the summer...i cant work as an RN at all since the courses are on campus and the curriculum is quite rigourous..it's not friendly to a working RN's schedule..