Will probation and felony hurt my chances to go to nursing school

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I been applying to go to nursing school for over 4 years now. I finally got acceptance to a program starting 08/01/2018. The only problem now is my background on January 2017 I was arrested with a vandalism charge. After several court hearings I was convicted of a vandalism felony and although no jail sentance was given I was order to do 3 years of probation. This occurred October 2017. My probation officer told me I have good chances to appeal and get this dismiss by April 2019 if I continue to have good conduct and encounter no more law issues. I was fined over 2k which have been fully paid and order to do anger management classes which have also been completed. Pretty much I'm just waiting for April to appeal and get this dismiss perphas expunged. Going back to my problem, I was granted admission to start nursing school in Ca by August 2018. I will have this problem with me and I don't know how this will affect me and my chances of studying nursing. Anyone has any feedback or similar situation. TIA

This is a question for a lawyer. Good luck!!!

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Will probably hurt chances to get hired at the most desired hospitals/positions.

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This is the School Nurses thread - I'm not sure which thread would be better for this question, but I have seen similar ones in the past if you look around or search some key words.

I think most tend to suggest reaching out to your state's BON and seeing if your history makes you eligible to sit for the NCLEX. I've seen a lot of people answer that nursing school may not have an issue - but the BON may not be OK with it, and you need to make sure that will be okay before you spend all the time in schooling.

A friend of mine had a serious DUI a few years prior to nursing school. Before testing, the BON had her write a letter explaining how that incident was no longer a reflection of the kind of person she is and how she has since changed and then she got approval to test after that.

Thank your for your feedback. I'm not Concern about the NCLEX because I don't have to take it until 2 years from now. By then all this issue will be gone. My lawyer will process paperwork and request the court to dismiss it to a misdemeanor by April 2019. Then I plan to expunge it off my record. Of course I'll have to disclose this to the BRN when I'm ready to take the NCLEX. My concern is attending nursing school and the situation I am currently in. I finally got into school after several trys and I'm

Not sure if this will affect my enrollment. Thank you

Thank your for your feedback. I'm not concern about finding job at this moment. I need to finish school and take the NCLEX first. What i mean is attenting nursing school will this issue impact my enrollment? Thank you

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