Will no preceptor ship hurt my chances for employment?


I just found out my university no longer does a preceptor ship; instead our last term is spent taking ATI exams and going to the SIMs lab. Wondering if anyone else sees's an issue with this and how it will affect me getting a job once I graduate and pass the NCLEX?


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Is this at a private university? For profit school? Accredited?

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What about clinicals? Did you have those?

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I attended nursing programs that never offered any preceptorships as part of the curriculum and was still able to secure employment. However, I am not picky about where I work as long as I'm acquiring RN pay and RN experience.

On the other hand, students with dreams of working in the ICU, ER or L&D might or might not suffer a small setback if they fail to complete a preceptorship.