Will this keep me from being a nurse?

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Hey this is my first post, I have read and followed the site pretty extensively. I have chosen to become and anurse and am very adamant about it.. but I have a misdemeanor assault on my record that I am serving deffered adjudication probation. The assault happened way back in high school, I am a 20 year old male.

Will this bar me from getting a license? Should I just find another career path or can I make it work?

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Let me move this to the Nursing license with criminal record forum.

This is a question though that we can't answer. You're best bet is to contact your BON as well as the nursing school you want to attned.

You can get a good idea of their policy on the BON website for your state. In our state they have a list that explains policy on the different charges etc. There really is no way of knowing unless you contact your local board.

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I agree with the advice above you need to check with your state board of nursing. But I can offer this - be honest on all applications by disclosing the conviction. I am a staffing coordinator and can tell you that if you disclose that info up front it goes a long way to getting you an interview. I hate surprises especially when that surprise come during the background check when we get a hit off finger prints.

Hello! what I would do is contact a criminal defense attorney (most lawyers give an initial free consultation) and explain your situation...ask about expungement. If you complete your probation without any further problems you could possibly have the charges dismissed and the arrest sealed (expunged)...in that case you should be ok (if it is truely expunged). I would also try to contact your states BON and ask regarding expungement and filling out licensure paperwork ( i have seen where some BONS require an explanation letter and disclosure whereas others do not) I say good luck to you, do not let one incident from being a teenager and making a bad choice hold you back in life. If this is truely what you want to do, try to fix your mistake and learn from it...it may not be easy but neither is life...Good luck with your situation :)

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