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Will Insulin become a controlled drug?

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So what do my fellow Canadians think? Now that Elizabeth Wettlaufer admitting that she killed her patients with Insulin do you think it will become more controlled and monitored?

i know at my workplace, each pt has their own insulin pen. Sometimes they will have two or three of the same type of insulin. It would be easy to pilfer one or two. And when a patient is discharged, sometimes the pens sit in the med room for days before someone disposes of them. Again, very easy to take and keep for use later.

That aside, I always suspected that she used Insulin to kill them!

Insulin vials in the fridge, pens in the meds bins.

But we've had a two nurse verify and sign system for ages.

I thought insulin as well when the media found the story.

I worked LTC for many years when I first started out. It's an extremely frustrating job and I salute those LPNs and RNs who make it their career by choice. You have some very difficult patients and very difficult, demanding families. Or families that only appear on holidays and never call in between visits. The moment the patient you cared for dies, the families come out of the woodwork and the very public and loud mourning begins. Never mind the fact that they hadn't been in to visit in over a year.

Red Rage? The woman has some serious mental health issues but that's no excuse. Step away from a job that inspires that kind of rage.

I just read about her. It will not become a 'controlled' drug, at least not in the U.S. where drug scheduling is an aid to law enforcement. No non-mood altering drug will ever make the drug scheduling list.

It has been double-checked for years here in California. I have no idea what makes anyone want to do this sort of thing...then again it is not anything I really yearn to understand.


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