Will I get in?


Hello! So I go to Georgia Gwinnett College and I know their nursing program is super competitive! Only 30 people get accepted each semester! Anyway, I am taking the TEAs this month, I hope I score over 80, I keep praying about it! I wanted to see if there is a chance I could get into any nursing school. I do have two C's in my science courses and I am trying as hard as i can to bump up my B in A&P2 to an A. If I get an A in Microbiology, I will have a 3.0 science GPA. My current GPA is a 3.10 and it will go up to a 3.33 if I get all my As this semester. Lets say i get my As, and I have a 3.4 when I apply, plus over 400 volunteer hours, and an 80 on the TEAs. Do you think any Georgia nursing program will accept me (Especially Augusta University)? I just keep stressing out because the time to apply is so near! Let me know with what GPA you go into nursing school with! Thanks!


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The answer really depends on who else is applying in the same cohort as you. But truthfully, your gpa and test scores do not stand out.