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I am currently enrolled in school and almost finished with the gen ed classes that were required. I am hoping to get a seat in the nursing program for a September start date, but this is my problem; I have also been considering PT or PTA, and I already have the classes that would allow me to start the PTA program, but would have to transfer to a different school for the PT program.

I've heard so many stories lately that the people coming out of the RN programs aren't able to get a job AT ALL, and are having to take on other jobs until they can get a job in nursing. Is this true? I have been a paralegal for the past 15 years, and thought that if I struggled with nursing, I could possibly combine my paralegal degree with my nursing degree.

I'm just worried that I will pass on PT or PTA and become an RN that can't find a job.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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It can be a hard market out there, but it's all about persistence and positivity. Apply to any and everything you may be eligible for, and learn from your mistakes. Keep a journal of time lines of where and when you apply to places, what happened, what was asked, and assess your weaknesses and strengths.

This will help you do better on later interviews, and or you'll notice different hiring trends.

Attitude and persistence are key though. Some get lucky and or interview well and nail one of their first interviews, but an upbeat attitude is key. If you feel doomed to a bad market I bleeds into your body language and can be a turn off. Like showing up to an interview and feeling hopeless from the get go.

Good luck.

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The market is tough for RNs, but it's even worse for other allied health professions. You're more likely to get a job as a RN than as a PT, odds are.

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I am not really sure what the outlook for PT jobs are. I would imagine that it would be easier to find an RN job because there are so many different areas of nursing to get into and more nurses may be needed than PTs in certain settings (for instance, in a hospital.)

It took me awhile to find a job. I graduated from my nursing program in May 2012. I started applying in Jan/Feb of 2012 for Nursing Jobs. I did not receive a job offer until June 2013. I started the job in Aug 2013. It was pretty depressing, but you learn and grow and make good use of your time while looking for a job. I went straight into an RN to BSN program during my year of trying to find a job. I had a couple interviews for various places. As a previous poster suggested, I recommend writing down questions asked during all your interviews (heck, even if it is not a nursing related job) so you can better practice and think about your responses. Do some research online about interview questions and brush up on them. It will take you some time to get comfortable with interviews and you will get better.

If being an RN is what you really want, then go for it. You can get a job with the right mindset and persistence.

Thank y'all for your replies. I have decided to stick with nursing. It is after all, what I've wanted to do, so I'm not going to give that up. Now, if I could only get passing the TEAS under my belt I'd be doing good lol.

Thanks again

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