Will you buy any books before starting the fall 2013 program?


When I was buying my NLN pre nursing entrance exam book I saw so many nursing school books you can buy. I was really thinking about getting one or a couple since I have a couple months on my hands to get ready. If you are or have can you recommend any good ones? Thanks.


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I would recommend relaxing. Get the books from your list and than fundamentals test for success once they rerelease the. The school will probably give you homework before starting.

One good book is Test for Success so you can learn more about NS tests. They are seriously different. But seriously relax. NS is stressful. Relax while you can.


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Relaxing is great, yes. Not having to study for exams will honestly be relaxing enough for me! I read all the time: fiction, non-fiction, blogs, news, whatever. I feel awful if I'm not in the middle of a good book! I bought Fluids & Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy to read through this summer since that is, I feel, my weakest area. I also just wanted to see if I liked the MIE series. I am considering the Dosage Calculations MIE but I'm not sure if I'm going to get it.

I've been collecting "data." ;) Seems like the biggest suggestions here are Saunders NCLEX review, Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgment, and NANDA 2012-2014, as well as the Reviews & Rationales and MIE series. I have them on my list, but I know my school suggests a lot of extras, so I'm going to compare and see if I really need to buy any of them.

Let me know if you get anything good. :)