Wife on her 4th attempt at NCLEX

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Good day to all. My wife is on her 4th attempt. I feel sad about her cause after the sacrifices and hours of studying, she still failed her 3rd attempt. For her 4th attempt, we haven't scheduled yet her exam and she should finish first the entire qbank then if she is ready then we will book the schedule. I support her all the way. It is my dream for her to become an RN. She's currently working as a PCT

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I'm sorry about the tests, that sounds very stressful and disheartening.  

I can't tell from your post...does your wife want to be a nurse? Or is this more something you are wanting? Sometimes when we do things to satisfy another person's dream, (that doesn't also align with our own dreams) it can be extra difficult. Esp if there is that added feeling of disappointing your spouse.  Maybe back off a little, let her do it on her own, and hopefully things go smoothly.  And if that is not the situation, I apologize. It's difficult to tell online.

Best of luck! 

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