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  1. Back Up for Insulin Injections

    Approx 18 months. 8th grader
  2. Back Up for Insulin Injections

    Student is unwilling to be involved. He does not know the terms, reasoning, math, etc. Will not draw up insulin, will not inject even if I draw it up. His parents are supportive of his approach and feel he should get to "be a child" and not worry abo...
  3. Back Up for Insulin Injections

    The state allows RN's to delegate any work, as long as they provide training, and feel the delegee is competent. The nurse is responsible for any actions taken for delegated tasks. There is no restriction on diabetic care here, but I still don'...
  4. Back Up for Insulin Injections

    Hello! I work at a middle school. We have a student who is Type I diabetic and takes insulin via an injection pulled up from an insulin pen (not with the pen needle...parent's don't trust the pens). He has a 504 outlining his medical accommodations. ...
  5. Sending Home Any Covid Sx?

    Our district has guideline for when to send kids home for one symptom (new cough, SOB, fever) or if they have two or more of the more mild symptoms they go home. Can return in 72 hours unless they get tested for COVID in which case they have to wait ...
  6. Isolation room set up?

    Nope. The first plan was to have 1 room that served dual purpose of isolation AND "normal health office" I told my admin NO. She does not understand why that won't work, despite it being against district protocol, and refuses to meet to come up with...
  7. Does your office have running water?

    WOW!! I love the sound of your set up. I'm so irked that I am being moved from a room that already has running water and toilet into a room that doesn't! It's like backward progress, hahaha. How do I practice normal hygiene? Yeesh. And I'm also ab...
  8. Does your office have running water?

    How do you wash your hands? I would have to call to have someone else monitor kids while I went to the restroom. I'm so sorry you are dealing with that, esp this next year. ? The new plan is to move me to a room that DOES have a sink but will also fu...
  9. Does your office have running water?

    In response to covid my admin is moving the health office to a 8x8 room with no running water, no easy bathroom access, and the "isolation" plan is to have kids sitting out in the hallway 6' apart from ea other. Her rational is that she wants to keep...
  10. Subpoena Summons

    Yup, just a witness. Not a party to the case at all. Thankfully!
  11. Subpoena Summons

    I was told not to contact the lawyer by my principal. Instead I spoke w her supervisor who was mad a ME for not telling my principal sooner or sending the subpoena to a higher up. Uuuugh, I did that the moment I received the papers! The admin cannot...
  12. Subpoena Summons

    Hello, I'm sorry to bring up the same'ish topic twice, but am having trouble obtaining guidance at work. I have received a subpoena to testify regarding two students, in relation to a custody battle. The summons also requires me to produce document...
  13. Do you ever meet with parent lawyer?

    The district lawyer’s name is very hush hush here. Staff (except for admin) are not supposed to contact them. Thankfully the higher ups ended forwarding an email to me and forgot to delete her name/contact info. She said do NOT meet w an outside l...
  14. Do you ever meet with parent lawyer?

    I cannot figure out how to reply to individual comments (first post) but yes, we do have a signed release of information stipulating we may communicate with the lawyer (signed by dad) buuuuut, there are already custody difficulties and I am not sure ...
  15. Do you ever meet with parent lawyer?

    Hello, A lawyer, representing one of our student's parents, is asking for a sit-down meeting with me to garner information for a custody dispute. My inclination is to refuse to meet with them without legal representation from the school also being pr...