Why do they write this? "C.N.A. license in state of practice may be required"

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so i'm doing job hunting for part time positions and came across "pt care asst" at a children's hospital.

i hope this doesn't sound completely idiotic but why do they write this in the job posting (words in bold)??

"minimum qualifications

high school diploma or equivalent.

current bls certification. current c.n.a. license in state of practice may be required in certain facilities and/or departments in accordance with regulatory requirements or facility/department policy."

i have a month left of cna class before i can take the cert skills exam and i volunteer in the maternal/child health area of my local hospital. should i even bother applying for this job since i don't have the certificate yet???

those words in bold just confuse me because i just don't get "may be required."


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Some parts of the hospital do not require you to have cerification. For example: In MO, where I live, if you have completed your first semester of nursing school, you do not need to get the certification. However, in more specialized areas they may require it because of stricter policies. Go ahead and apply, I highly doubt that were trying to deter people who were a week away from having their certification from applying, it takes longer than that to get a return phone call at most places.

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It could just be a standard part of the job postings for the company. Just like many job descriptions now include "and other duties as assigned" Long term care settings require CNA certification or equivalent, including pediatric LTC. So a local facility that also has a designated LTC floor has the same blurb added to all their PCA/PCT/nurse tech positions as if you are assigned to the LTC floor you must have a current unrestricted CNA certification.


Some places will train you on the job so that you can take the CNA test on your own

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It looks like it's just a generic posting for all departments that hire CNAs - some require certification, and some don't.

I worked as a unit clerk/"cna"/whatever else in an ICU during nursing school. I started my first semester and they were OK with me not having a CNA cert

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