Why are nurses so special?

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At breakfast this morning, my daughter asked me why I thought nurses are so special. As I thought of the long shifts ahead of me I thought there is no one single answer to her question! I would like to hear from others why they think we are so special.


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Because we do so much, so often, for so many and on so little! that about covers it for me.

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why are nurses so special? Hmmmm, that is a tuffy to really try to explain. I don't think that it's "we're special" persay, but we get to do some terrific things. Be a part of someone's life (sometimes for a short time or long time) and play a part in either helping them heal, deal with life changes r/t a disease, watch the wonder of a new life be born or be there to hold a dying person's hand to help them through the transition from this life. We get to meet and talk with interesting people sometimes. We get to play a big part in how the ill recover. We are teachers, healers, advocates for health care, on and on.

Simply put if need be......Nurses are special b/c we get to help people who need help.

(my only wish is that all patients were like those one's you really hate to transfer out or d/c because they were terrific and wonderful to take care of...you know the kind:)

If only in reality all the special things we do and experience as nurses were not overshadowed by the politics, unrealisitic and plain mean pt's/family members, and the view that nurses don't do anything but "wipe hineys"

Good luck!!:)


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Because we care. We care about others and try to help them, as we would like to be helped if we were in that position. We strive to practice that saying: "do onto others as you would have others do onto you."


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What other profession combines both Art and Science?

Doctors cure, Nurses care.

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