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Why so much Negativity in Nursing?

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Is nursing worth it?

  1. 1. Is nursing worth it?

    • Yes, it is a rewarding career
    • Overall yes, but at times I wish I chose something else
    • I couldn't say
    • No the rewards are not worth the sacrifices

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EaglesWings21 is a ASN, RN and specializes in Medical Surgical.

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I have found a passion in nursing and gaining trust from a complete stranger in one of their most vulnerable times. With that being said, nurses are pulled in so many directions daily. Your first responsibility is caring for your patient, and that means coordinating care between everyone who is involved with the patient: the doctor, specialists, other departments, therapies, and the family. With type of responsibility on your shoulders you have unreasonable and sometimes unsafe demands from corporate to take into consideration. Sometimes you will work short staffed and cannot provide the best care that you would like to for your patient. You will work like you should be making $50 per hour when actually you are only making half of that. At times, families will be unrealistic with their loved one's prognosis and push for them to have more and more interventions that are only prolonging the inevitable. Nursing is not for the faint of heart. It is a very difficult career choice, but if you have a desire to make an impact on the life of another person, it may be the job for you.

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I'll be honest with you: I do not like nursing so far. But I'm relatively new and have only tried one specialty so far.

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cyc0sys has 6 years experience and specializes in EMS, LTC, Sub-acute Rehab.

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Helping people through the best and worst moments of their lives has been important to me and so has been earning the best income possible. Know this: I would not do this job for less money than I make now. If it were to be announced that nurses with my level of experience or skill set could only be paid say half of what I am being paid, you can bet I would retire the same day. I have never been disappointed in working as a nurse for the money. I think it is a little elitist to suggest that money is not a proper motivator. No disappointment here :-)

Elitist, huh?? I got a chuckle out of that. I simply meant there are easier ways to make money if that is your sole focus (think realtor, pharmaceutical rep, or day trader all require far less education, time and financial commitment than an ADN and typically make 100k per year).

While everyone needs to ‘eat', chasing the dollar instead of your passion will leave you bankrupt even if your checking account is 6 digits. That is hardly an elitist concept because it requires pride, emotional and mental commitment which do not erode over time with inflation.

Money doesn't equal long term job satisfaction. Pride and autonomy in your work are far better long term motivators. Ask anyone who has served in the military for 20+ years or as a professional trainer and they'll tell you the same thing. But if that's what you have to tell yourself on the way to work, so be it. ;-)

"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got." - Sheryl Crow

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Happy people don't whine about it on the internet.

I have heard that someone who is unhappy with the service they received at a store will tell 10 people while someone who is happy will only tell 3. Not sure if true but I think it holds some truth regardless.

Nursing is a fantastic profession that allows you to work in just an amazing amount of different places. Work in a hospital, work from home, take care of patients, sit at a desk, write papers, conduct research, invent products, teach, blah, blah, blah

Endless possibilities.

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