Why is it important to study Anatomy and physiology in school of Nursing.

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Am happy to be among you once again. Am happy to announce that i passed the interview test and was selected to study nursing. Am in the "Preliminary Training Session(PTS)", which is six month programme before a final selection to study nursing at a part one level.

I was given an assignments and i want you all to help me and give me ideas. The question is:

Why is it important to study Human biology or Anatomy and physiology in school of Nursing.

I will be grateful to all of you for your favourable contributions.


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I have said this before & I'll say it again. A&P is extremely important! learn it and learn it good it will make your life & future classes alot eaiser, how can you work on the body if you don't know the parts(inside & out)& how they work? Good Luck

Tweety, BSN, RN

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To me A&P is the backbone of nursing. You must know how a normal body looks, works and functions at all levels in order to learn what happens when it's ill. To me it's the most important of all courses.


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cant understand pathophysiology without anatomy, physiology and micro. cant understand medical terminology basics either. good grades in these classes makes fundamental nursing just a itty itty bit easier. everyone in my fundamentals class, who got c's in the above three classes failed first semester rn. a direct corelation, mabey not, but definately worth thinking about.


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Thanks so much for your contributions because they have given me ideas on what to write.


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Thanks so much for your contributions because they have given me ideas on what to write.

...as applied Anatomy and Physiology...

For most prospective nurses, if they tell me they don't like A & P, I would suggest they consider some other line of work!!!!



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Well I really thought that Anatomy ans Phis. was a subject that you would actually have to FAIL if you want to pass it. But in nursing it is truely important. I lays the ground work for your future classes. Have can you administer medication if you don't know where on the body it should be administered. Furthermore how can you enter a profession that deals with the treatment of the body and don't really see the importanced of studying about the body. Trust me A&P ein't and easy task, it takes devotion and alot of studying and lord help you if you don't have a Good lecturer, like how i didn't. But as long as you remain focused you will pass:)


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as a nurse you work on human body. how can you put a needle, insert catheter, give meds, check vs, make your physical assessment, if you would not know what to look at, what part of body you are working on, how is it going to affect the pt, how to understand disease and its pathophysiology. study it well, realy well, it will save your time at nursing program. it will help to appreciate human body and your pt working with. :)


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am so happy for all your replies, thanks so much. i now understand why i need to study anatomy and physiology. it's a lil bit hard to get all the reading especially understanding "tissues". confusing my self with the epithelial tissue. after reading it about five times before i could get it. i mean the course is rally stressful and brainspinning. i don't want to fail the course but it seems it's getting the toil on me. i pray i make it.

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