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Why should I do this???


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Good Morning all! I've been a RN for 14+ years and ALL of it in critical care of one type or another. However I've been in the medical profession for over 40+ years in various different capacities. I'm considering, actually been offered the position and have to make a decision within the next 48 hours, as a Unit Manager in one of our local LTC facilities. This is WAY different than anything I've done before and just wondering, WHY should I do this?

I have the nursing skills and the management skills I'll have 2 LTC hallways with 60+ residents combined. The one person I did seek some advice from was my Dad as his mother and my mother did spend some time in a LTC before their passing. Asked him what he would have like to see staff do differently and got some good ideas and things to look for when I go back for a HARD look at the facility and staff. Dad does have a bit of a medical background though not as a licensed individual. Was looking for advice from a family members prospective.

I have my own thoughts as to why but from those of you that do this on a daily basis, Why should I do this??

No it isn't a trick question I'm just VERY through in decisions I make and looking for more insight!

THANKS so much in advance for your thoughts!


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Why should you do this? Because EVERY day you can have an impact on someone's life.

Because LTC needs excellent nurses who aren't afraid to work hard.

Because you know enough to ask questions.

Because...you'll love it.

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I've worked in LTC for my entire adult life, working my way up thru the ranks. I have asked myself this question for years now "Why do I stay in LTC". As I drove home from work last Friday, I kinda knew my answer.

Several months ago we admitted a 50something female after a pretty severe CVA. (Prior to CVA, was fully functioning working woman): Hemi, pureed food/thickened liquids, speaking in word salads, behavioral problems and (understandably) pretty severe depression. After months of therapy, working on behaviors, nutrition, depression and just a lot of TLC, she is going home next week. The most awesome part of this story tho, is last Friday we had a big "community party". We had a cake walk, DJ playing music, a dunk tank (with ED in the tank:chuckle). This lady participated in all the activities. She managed to independently dunk the ED in the tank, eat the cake she won in the cake walk and at the end of the night was on her feet slow dancing with her husband. Most of the staff was clapping, whistling and making just a hell of a racket we were so excited to see her accomplish this.

I can't think of any other area of nursing that could possibly be so holistic and so gratifying as to see the complete healing and wellness process. We got her at her worst, wanted to send her to the moon a few times with her attitude and finally got her back to having a fairly good quality of life. Hooray for her - she reminded me of why I do what I do.


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THANK YOU 2 SO MUCH for your responses! I've been traveling for the last year and the travel market is just TERRIBLE right now thus the exploration into a completely different type of nursing. I spent almost 2 hours today over at the LTC offering me the job. I spoke to the current unit manager, who is going up to the ADON position and skilled unit manager, and she spoke to me almost idenically to the problems the unit, I would be taking has, as the DON did! They where both very up front and honest about their difficulites and what they would expect from me over the next llittle while! So much up-front honesty was VERY refreshing!! So I'm VERY HEAVILY leaning toward accepting the position, that is if my travel agency doesn't come up with a contract by Thursday noon. My agency understands I can't be without work, which has been for the last 6 weeks!!! and are as supportive of my pursuit of other options as I could possibly want, and I would miss them horribly as they have become like a second family to me!!!!

So that is my current situation and appreciate the responses and look forward to others as well!



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Hi Sarge! Keep us posted on how the new job goes. I, too, started as a Unit Manager for a 2 hall 60 bed LTC abouy 3 weeks ago. I had been doing MDS/care plans at the facility for 2 years so at least I already know everyone. So far it's going pretty good....... :smokin:

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