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Why am I not getting a call to do my physical??


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I know I'm super anxious about everything, & I always want stuff to be "done", but I just wanted to vent about this one ;)

I got hired (thank you Jesus!!) at my dream hospital on my dream floor over 2 weeks ago. I put in all the info to do my background check the day after I was hired, and it was finished last Monday (a week and a half ago). I was told that as soon as my background check is done, I'll get called in to do my physical & sign all my papers. I STILL havent heard back from the lady in charge of that! I called the other HR lady I was talking to prior on Thursday & she said the other will be in touch with me soon. I wonder what the deal is! I mean, I know I still have a week and a half til orientation, but I just want to have that paperwork in my hands, physical done, I want it to be OFFICIAL ya know?

I guess my only thought is they like to surprise people about the time of going in for the physical in case they are on drugs they can catch it?!?! lol.. silly, maybe theyre just busy...

Ok vent over :)

ding-ding-ding! we have a winnah! if you were anxious and prone to indulging in pharmacological reassurance, this is when you'd be doing it. they know that. it's one of those things they teach you in hr school.:clown:

chill out. if it gets to the end of the week before the monday you report, call hr again and confirm your report date and time, and then mention that employee health (or whoever) hasn't scheduled your pre-employment physical. then go, smile, pee in the little cup, and have fun!

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The background check can take some time depending on what company they use and what they are checking. They may just be waiting for you to clear the background check before spending anymore resources on hiring you. Their line of thinking could be why waste time, money, and resources on someone that is ineligible for hire because of something that popped up in the background check.

I'm not saying anything will or will not pop up, but just another possibility on the wait.


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I called the background company to make sure all was well cause they needed additional info re a past job, so that's how I know it's done.. But cool about my guess! I'm a HR genius! Haha jk, but thanks you two!