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Who to send follow up thank you letter to when interviewed by several people?


Can you just send the letter to the nurse recruiter in human resources? I was interviewed by a few supervisors on the floor and never got their names. :o I was nervous and don't know if they told them to me or just said they were supervisors. Should I just send to the recruiter or call to get their names, so I can send two other letters to that floor?

llg, PhD, RN

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It's usually best to send a letter to the people who will be making the hiring decision. Do you know who that is? Who would be your boss if hired? That's the person you want to "suck up to" most.


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i was interviewed by four people of different titles. i sent a thank you note to each (b/c you never know!!!)

just curious, where did you interview?

I sent my thank you notes to the HR recruiter and the two managers. I put in the manager notes to please pass my thanks on to the staff that also attended.

I would call HR and get the other names if I were in your situation.

good luck!

NewRN2008, ASN, RN

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I sent one to each person, you can call the recruiter and ask, they wont say anything and you dont have to feel like a dork or anything. not a big deal, its a lot to take in and they know that!


btw, GL!!

CrufflerJJ, RN

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In the best case scenario, send them to anybody/everybody with whom you interviewed. As others have said, contact HR & ask them for the name/contact info for the supervisors. One purpose of a followup letter is to STAND OUT from the folks who don't bother to send one. Don't be shy - call HR. You want to make sure that everybody who took the time to meet with you knows that you appreciate the effort & how excited you are to be considered for the position (at least, I HOPE you're excited!).

Good Luck!:jester:

diane227, LPN, RN

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All of them.

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