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Who to give my resignation to?

Hi everyone,

I have written a resignation letter and will be resigning in 3.5 weeks from my current job for a new job. I work nights so management doesnt even come until 0900, I am off at 0630. However, the RCM is there around 0730 (my direct supervisor). I know I should be giving the resignation to my DON in person, but my commute is about an hour away and I am thinking I should just give it to my direct supervisor and to HR at the end of my work day? Is this unprofessional? Or should I drive into work during the day to meet with the DON in person? I know these questions seem silly, I have never done this before and I do not want to burn any bridges. Thank you all in advance.


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What does your policy say on Chain of Command? Are you in a hospital? NH? Rehab?

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The appropriate person to notify is the person who hired you - or the person currently in that job if s/he is no longer there. Most of the time, it is done verbally as well as via a written notification. If you can't meet with the hiring manager in person, you can verbally notify your immediate supervisor and just let him/her know that you are sending a resignation letter to the hiring manager also. You can do this via a sealed letter - left in their office, or delivered via your organization's inter-office system (drop it off at the mailroom)... You could also just send it via USPS.

The written document is important because - in many organizations - the manager has to submit this as part of the process for hiring your replacement.

Best of luck in your new job!


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