Who gets visits once a week?


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I started HH a few months ago. Most of my patients are 1-2x a week for 4-6 weeks. I generally see them twice a week and either d/c on the last scheduled visit, or earlier if they are ready. Most are med management with recent CHF, COPD, DM, wound, surgery, etc. I also have once a month cath changes. I work five days a week, and typically schedule them either Mon and Thurs, or Tues and Fri. Wed are a shorter day for me. So, what I don't understand is who only gets seen once a week. We can't really stay in for only med planner fill or syringe fill, so what patient qualifies for once a week, but not d/c? I'm trying to figure out how to plan my week so that my days are more evenly dispersed with visits.


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Some wound care ie a dressing that can last a week or twice weekly dressing change on Sunday by CG and Wednesday by SN if SN skill is primarily for assessing progress on a wound that's stabilized, responding to tx and the CG is competent, assess effects new/changed meds, follow up nutritional status after change in condition or treatment off the top of my head.

I tend to put my cath changes and B12's on Wednesdays as well.


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We frontload all patient's and as the end of the cert ends most patient's are on once weekly for at least a few weeks. Orthos are another that will be a once weekly visit after the first week in most cases.

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In the three companies I work for, I have 1-2 clients in each that are medfills and or prefill syringe cases. They are long term home care patients and doctors have requested us to be there for those reasons usually r/t being forgetful, legally blind, or some other mental/psychiatric reasons.

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I have a lot of once/week patients. Once/week subq methotrexate for autoimmune diseases. Once/week PICC line dressing changes or lab draws for patients home on IV antibiotics. Once/week weight checks for babies with feeding difficulties. Once/week chemo pushes for kids with leukemia. I'd say once/week is pretty average for a lot of my patients.


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We accept private pay patients, too, so in addition to regular patients I have a few private patients who get once a week or biweekly med fills, weekly lab draw, etc. that Medicare won't cover. I also see some patients once per week for 1-3 weeks toward the end of their care to assess response to the plan of care and do discharge education.