Who can administer a medication competency checkoff in a hospital setting

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I work on a med/tele floor. I was just pulled to the side yesterday and had a unit clerk watch me pass medications and checked my off on the annual medication competency form. I agreed but felt uncomfortable and stupid for even agreeing to this. I have been searching TBON website for info on this and I cant find anything. I did pull the policy at my hospital and it does not specify who can administer the competency, however, the unit clerk is listed under section "staff involved in the medication process". Does this give her authorization to do this competency on an RN?

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Are you serious? If the person "watching you" and signing you off isn't allowed to give medication then the answer is NO!

I would think this would be common sense which is why I am wondering if this is even a serious post. I recommend you do it over with another RN!


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This is a serious!

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I would clarify with your manager, and if you don't like their answer, go above...it makes no sense for someone who can't even legally medicate patients to be the one who checks you off.

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UPDATE... All she was suppose to do is check up on our two patient identifiers. However she stayed throughout the entire process...So that freaked all nurses out. She stayed at the bedside longer than she should have...

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